PopeWatch: Christ?

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A Francis appointed Bishop shows us that under the current Pontificate the words of Christ in regard to marriage mean less than nothing:

An Argentinian bishop, inspired by Pope Francis’ Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, celebrated a special Mass for civilly-divorced-and-remarried couples in his diocese. The thirty or so couples were all invited to receive Holy Communion despite there being no indication that any of them had promised to live as brother and sister.

“Welcome back home,” Bishop Angel José Macin of the diocese of Reconquista told the couples during the Mass celebrated on the June 11th Feast of the Blessed Trinity, according to Argentinian news website Radioamanecer.com.ar

The couples were given Holy Communion in what was described as a “festive atmosphere” in the parish church of Saint Roque. Relatives took photographs.

Go here to read the rest.  Pope Francis is all about mercy even if someone else gets kicked in the teeth as a result.  This farce kicks in the teeth Christ and all believing Catholics.


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  1. It is near impossible to believe that this planting of poison ivy within Catholic flower beds isn’t done by design.

  2. ” Pope Francis is all about mercy even if someone else gets kicked in the teeth as a result.”
    Comment of the week.
    “…til death do us part” means nothing so how could “I love you” from remarried people mean anything? Love is taking a back seat to I want what I want and I want it now, while Pope Francis plays the fiddle. The Pope’s job is to reiterate the words of Christ. For those who refuse to listen, they will not listen even if the rich man rises from the dead. It appears that our Pope Francis is among those who will not listen even though Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

  3. Honestly, it’s as if our Pope and his fellow travelers in the clergy truly
    believe that the only worthy reason a person still might be denied Holy
    Communion is if he wished to receive upon the tongue whilst kneeling.

    Well, that’s overstating. I think a few might also refuse Communion to
    those who would deny the inerrancy of ‘man-made climate change’…

    Snark aside, if no one need listen to the Church’s perennial teachings on
    the indissolubility of marriage, the sinfulness of adultery and fornication,
    and the necessity of being free of mortal sin before approaching Communion,
    then why exactly should anyone listen to bishops and Popes when they speak
    about the sinfulness of anything else? Would it still be “merciful” to deny
    Communion to a notorious, outspoken racist? What about an unrepentant
    advocate of pedophilia? Would this bishop also greet them at the Communion
    rail and tell them “welcome back home” without one word about their need to
    amend their lives?

    Bishops like His Excellency the Bishop of Reconquista are no shepherds. They
    are refusing to herd their sheep towards the Father’s fold, and abandon them
    to find their own way– with disastrous results for the lost sheep. Worse, the
    sheep are told they’re on the right path no matter what they do, when in
    fact they are left in the dark, unknowingly lurching towards the wolves…

    “Merciful” prelates such as His Excellency the Bishop of Reconquista might
    abandon the ancient symbol of their office, the shepherd’s crook, for some-
    thing that better reflects their new understanding of their role. If a bishop
    intends neither to teach, govern nor sanctify as a bishop should, but rather
    is merely the head administrator and chief glad-hander of the diocese, perhaps
    his symbol of office shouldn’t be a crozier but instead a giant checkbook and a
    microphone. (At least we could tell more easily which ones to avoid).

  4. Here is a case of actions speaking louder than words. Now, who can deny what Pope Francis really means in Amoris Laetitia?

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