Reaping Whirlwinds

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“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

Hosea 8: 7

A Dana Loesch ad for the NRA, which is two months old.  Suddenly the left discovers it and goes crazy today.  Mark Shea, that is your cue.

What the leftists really should be concerned about is that conservatives, after decades of being too gentlemanly and ladylike to confront them, are beginning to fight fire with fire.  The left, which pretty much has a death grip on most of the media, the entertainment industry, academia, and most of big business, howl like frightened banshees when conservatives answer them in their own coin.  In some ways I regret this, since it bodes ill for domestic peace.  However, for the last half century the left in this country have been assiduously sowing the wind, giving a wink and a nod when their minions engage in political violence, all while screaming that conservatives are fascists, and now they act shocked when the whirlwind at last begins to rise.  Hypocrites and fools.


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  1. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mrs. Loesch to the prestigious and ever-expanding club of distinguished people to be the target of Mr. Shea’s smears. It’s an honor to call you a fellow member.

  2. Thing is LQC, it would be hard to get a clenched fist up the left’s nether region seeing as how they already got their heads stuck there!

  3. Video is perfect. Long overdue. Hope to see more of this kind of thing. Hooray for the NRA.

  4. I will take the left’s screeching seriously when they begin to notice the violent hate monster they have in their midst.

    You know–the one the ad has the unmitigated gall to notice?

  5. Truth is a bitch if you swallowed bs most of your adult life…and the left is full of bs.

    The Truth is Micheal Moore is an obese man because he has swallowed more bs than most, to the point that he feels it’s his duty to teach others how sweet bs tastes..they eat it up because they have developed a lack of good taste and common sense.

    The Truth shall indeed set you free.
    Question is how many would rather eat bs?

    This video is on target!

    ( It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good rant. If you must take my angst off this thread I do understand.)

  6. Odd that Shea equates the ad with 1984’s two minute hate. Its actually the daily 24 hour hate against Trump that is Orwellian. And I say this as someone who voted against Trump in my state primary and who held his nose when voting for him against she who shall not be named.

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