The Mainstream Media is Fake News

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Andrew Klavan for Prager University explains how the Mainstream Media is the essence of Fake News.  We have  hyper partisan journalists who report upon the world through leftist glasses and who will not allow mere reality to stand in the way of their myth making.

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  1. Let me add one more rule of fake news. You can read most articles these days or watch a news segment and what you get is almost entirely opinion. There is absolutely no question what the news source wants you to think about the issue. In fact, frequently there are no facts to support the opinion piece passed off as news.

  2. Agree. I see it in my own son who is the chief political analyst on ABC-TV. The ‘This Week’ Sunday program is clearly biased. One example of making fake news is the imbalance of the Round Table. Only 10-15 minutes are given for the discussion, there are usually 5 panelists , three Democrats and two Republicans. Consequently, the “discussion” usually consists of party line selling points with the Democrat position winning on points. Most unsatisfactory. But the thing about this is that most folks are not fooled and use it as an exercise to find bias. Largely, the networks are fooling themselves.

  3. I think It’s downright propaganda. It is not reporting. Deliberate misrepresentation to further socialism. The credentials of these “journalist’s”? Report the news. Same with this crap going on in Rome. Forced down the throats of apathetic populace who have no idea of the truths of their faith. “Bless me Father, and rationalize my sins”

  4. Fake cultures are also affirmed by the same outlets. Case in point….abstract art is about 97% unfortunate but the NY Times for decades has kept it supported by never criticizing the absurdities they recently reported….Ellsworth Kelly paints a green rectangle which each of you could paint…and the nyt reports that it is for sale in Chelsea for 5 million dollars. Two weeks previous they reported that a white rectangle by Robert Ryman sold for 20 million at Southeby’s auction. Whereas rap was invented for people who can’t sing…abstract was invented for people who can’t paint as well as Andrew Wyeth etc.
    Men’s fashions is another delusionary event that the NY Times affirms whenever the bizarre and worn by nobody ….mens fashion shows appear in NY.
    Who buys a painting that is a green rectangle? People who love rectangles? No. Wealthy people who know it’s a fake asset class that appreciates more steadily than Micron stock.
    Buy it for 5 mil today and next year you can sell it for 6 mil. Thank the nyt and the well rewarded galleries who get 40% of that price.
    It’s not just fake news….it’s fake art, clothing and music.

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