Oregon Hearts Abortion


Oregon hearts abortion:



Oregon’s legislature wants to cement the state’s status as the most abortion-friendly in the US — and its governor is champing at the bit to finalize it. Last week, lawmakers passed a bill that would require insurers to pay 100% of all abortion-on-demand costs no matter how late-term they may be, and regardless of motive. It would also require insurers to pay $10 million into a fund for public funding of abortions in what is clearly a gift to Planned Parenthood:

Insurance companies in Oregon would be required to cover abortions and other reproductive services at no cost to the patient regardless of income, citizenship status or gender identity under a measure approved Wednesday by lawmakers.

Oregon already has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the U.S., leaving out otherwise common requirements for waiting periods or spending limits on taxpayer funds. …

In some states such as New York, abortions are cost-free if they’re deemed medically necessary. The Oregon bill is unique, however, in that patients would have access to the procedure for virtually any reason, at any time, including sex-selective and late-term abortions.

The bill would also allocate almost $500,000 over the next two years to expand cost-free reproductive health coverage, including abortions, to immigrants who are otherwise ineligible under the Oregon Health Plan — the state’s Medicaid program that currently spends nearly $2 million a year to pay for roughly 3,500 abortions statewide.

Governor Kate Brown, who previously worked as a lobbyist for the abortion industry, cheered on these government mandates for abortion at all times for any reason:


Go here to read the rest.  Every Democrat in the state legislature voted for this monstrosity and every Republican voted against it.  The next time some idiot tries to tell you that their is no difference between the political parties in this country, look them straight in the eye and call them a liar.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. What is it called when a female person (wearing a vagina cap, no less0 that supports the murders of tens of millions of gestational, human babies falsely accuses President Trump of being capable of killing an infant?

  2. I despise Oregon – Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene – the hot bed of godless atheistic sexual perversion and permissiveness. Its governor – Kate Brown –
    by the way is a bisexual female pervert. When I was in Corvallis, people would brag to me that the local OSU Campus was where the term “Flying Spaghetti Monster” had been first coined to deride Christian religious beliefs as ludicrous mythology. And one Saturday when I went down town (which is really a place of run down ramshackled buildings because the enviro-wackoes won’t permit any moderization), all the pink feminist Planned Parenthood pieces of crap were about the walkways passing out their handouts. One of them took one look at me and knew better. I would have dumped her paperwork feces all over the street and screamed at her to repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. I did that to two supporters of Bernie Sanders who approached my home in the south east of the US during the last election – they’ll never return, I promise you that! Fortunately the Planned Parenthood murderess did not dare approach me when I was in Corvallis, and I both stayed out of jail that night and kept my job (my company is so far left liberal that it isn’t funny – it has hitched its star to the mantra of global warming and will never let go).

    Yet when I went to Mass at St. Mary’s, here I found a holy priest in the midst of utter pagan evil. I have nothing but the deepest respect for Father Ignacio who would go onto the OSU Campus in town and confront the pagans. What bravery to walk into the Lion’s Den! But the souls he saved! Perhaps because he was far more diplomatic that I ever could be. I love that priest – the one bright spot in all of the godlessness that is Oregon, and he even had 24 hour Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. That freaking town of spoiled brat decadent college student feminist snowflakes and nit wit college professors needed (and still needs) such Perpetual Adoration.

    I will end with this, and think what you will. Trump remembers who messed with him and who didn’t. Oregon voted overwhelming for that murderess Hillary. And it was the Oregon State Attorney General (as I recall) who spearheaded the movement to overturn in the court system Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration. And it was in Portland, Oregon that all the human trash of university and college rioted and burned and looted in protest against Trump. So any Oregon based company which thinks it can get DOE funding from Trump’s Rick Perry is quite mistaken. Liberalism has a way of imploding on itself.

  3. Well said Donald. Anyone who pretends there is no difference between the parties when it comes to the holocaust of abortion is a liar. That needs to be repeated every single time.

  4. There is certainly a difference between the two parties. Problem is there needs to be more…quite a bit more.

  5. There is a huge difference between the parties – Democrats are willing to die on the sword of their support for abortion; the vast majority of Republicans on their opposition to it? Not so much.

  6. That is not fair if one considers all the abortion regulation implemented by the GOP in the states. It also ignores that almost all the media treats abortion like a sacrament and that the entertainment media is also enlisted in support of abortion. Considering the strength of the pro-abort movement in this country, the GOP rarely gets the credit from pro-lifers it deserves for carrying on the fight in a very hostile environment

  7. Hear, hear Tom McKenna! Throw all 3 states out of the Union: California, Oregon and Washington. And include NYS, VT, Taxachusetts, and Illinois along with them.

    Sorry. Can’t help myself. I am being bad this morning. Recently I had to go to the left coast for two weeks. It was truly horrible. Send me to Texas. Send me to Florida. Send me to Pennsylvannia. But please, Dear Lord, not the armpit of the universe!

  8. The other 49 states need to secede from this union. Oregon is violating our Founding Principles and our Constitutional Posterity. Government does not grant sovereign personhood. God does at the very first moment of existence. Oregon’s government wishes to play God it will go very badly for the people of that state. God does not take kindly to having his adopted children slaughtered in the womb nor having his innocent souls scraped from their mothers. Only the prayers of the people keep Oregon safe. When all of the people have been aborted or allowed to commit assisted suicide, the state of Oregon will have perished….and maybe good riddance.

  9. Denying the existence of the rational human soul infused by “their Creator” is denying God. It is the establishment of atheism by the state of Oregon and the imposition of atheism on the taxpayers and citizens of Oregon. Extorting the taxpayers to pay to obliterate our Constitutional Posterity, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors is the height of tyranny.

  10. Horrifying. Perpetual Adoration is a potent weapon. U. of Portland (Holy Cross Congregation), Maryhurst University and Mount Angel Abbey (Benedictine) are the R. Catholic institutions of higher learning in the state. There was a wonderful Holy Cross priest, Naval Reserve, from U. of Portland who was stationed at NAS Cubi Pt. Before the seminary he had been an Aviation Ordnanceman on a carrier. Last seen he was at Arlington National Cemetery conducting burials. It would be sad if the U. of Portland has gone the way of Notre Dame/Georgetown.

  11. There is certainly a difference between the two parties. Problem is there needs to be more…quite a bit more.
    Greg Mockeridge

    Have you mustered visible, in the public eye support for your elected representative when your rep sticks his neck out on a controversial abortion roll-back bill? If you want your reps to do more, you the constituent must do more. Showing up at the polls once every couple of years is the bare minimum of support and gets the bare minimum in return.

    …Democrats are willing to die on the sword of their support for abortion; the vast majority of Republicans on their opposition to it? Not so much.
    c matt

    c matt, you’re obviously not doing enough to cover the backs of Republicans who do vote to roll back abortion.
    You also seem uninformed about where the two parties are on the abortion issue. The Democrat party has pretty much ceased debate on the matter, the Democrat party as a whole is pro-abortion, period. The Democrat apparatus will not, as a rule, tolerate any wavering from a solid pro-abortion stand among their nationwide and statewide candidates. Some tactical wiggle room is allowed for more local candidates but that is becoming increasingly constricted.

    As for the Republican party, just because Democrats are for something doesn’t mean that Republicans are automatically a’gin it and vice-versa. And with a little study of US history you’d discover that within living memory (if your grandparents are alive) it was the Republican party that tended to favor permitting abortion (though never on demand as today’s Democrat party insists) and the Democrats who opposed it. Among Republicans the debate over abortion still goes on. Nobody is written out of the GOP because of their position on abortion, although since the Reagan Realignment the ability of a Republican candidate for nationwide office who is pro-abortion to win the nomination is in question (ask Rudy Guiliani sometime).

    So there you are, c matt, you’ll not get any unearned opposition to abortion from your representatives in the legislature. So I’ve gotta ask, what are you doing to make sure that even bad representatives vote the right way on your issues? If it’s to be, it’s up to thee.

  12. Donald,

    I think the GOP as a whole is often judged by what the party does on a national level without looking at the party at the state level. I must admit I am often guilty of that. And probably is unfair to a degree.

    However, we must also take into account that conservatives have, thanks to talk radio, the Internet, and cable TV, a media access we didn’t have 30 years ago. Also, we have conservatives in the entertainment industry willing to come out as conservatives in ways they weren’t in the not so distant past.

  13. CAM, unfortunately Marylhurst University had a manager from Planned Parenthood in Oregon as part of the faculty of their business school, and advertised that on her bio. She’s no longer there, but she should never have been hired.

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