PopeWatch: A Telling Incident

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PopeWatch finds this incident from 2013 absolutely chilling:


The first step of Müller’s Calvary was a disconcerting episode in the middle of 2013. The cardinal was celebrating Mass in the church attached to the congregation palace, for a group of German students and scholars. His secretary joined him at the altar: “The pope wants to speak to you.” “Did you tell him I am celebrating Mass?” asked Müller. “Yes,” said the secretary, “but he says he does not mind—he wants to talk to you all the same.” The cardinal went to the sacristy. The pope, in a very bad mood, gave him some orders and a dossier concerning one of his friends, a cardinal. (This is a very delicate matter. I have sought an explanation of this incident from the official channels. Until the explanation comes, if it ever comes, I cannot give further details.) Obviously, Mūller was flabbergasted.


Go here to read the rest.

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  1. Lot’s of stories about how the Pope does not respect the Mass. Says everything one needs to know.

  2. By running Tossati’s articles, First Things is unwittingly apologizing to Maureen Mullarkey.

  3. Yes, I read about this the other day – that is pretty bizarre behaviour – interrupting a Cardinal celebrating Mass just to give him a rather petty message. The secretary – and Papa Bergoglio should have known better

  4. I am not surprised. As angry as I am with this Pontiff, I am angrier still with the Cardinals who elected him.

  5. Tossati’s notes reveal a brat. Nothing more than a child who must get his way or elese.

    This is OUR trial..our via Dolorosa..the Holy Church’s.

    Pray more! Don’t stop.

  6. This interruption of mass by Bergoglio is blasphemy, a betrayal of Jesus. On the night Jesus was betrayed, He instituted the Eucharist sacrifice of his body and blood. The sacrifice, as celebrated at Mass, is outside of time, or God’s eternal time.

  7. Oh the enormity of the wounds to the Body, the lives and souls in jeopardy.
    Like the cardinal , B16 is also shouldering his cross. I wonder what chance some of those good soldiers have to pray and reflect together.
    Help us and save us, Lord

  8. Not so holy Pope Francis has been showing his hand ever since he finagled his way to the Chair of Peter. Who a person really is in shown in how he treats others. On this basis Pope Francis has failed as a Catholic, as a Christian and as a human being, so much so that the word ‘holy’ when applied to him has become ironic.

    PS to Greg: Nobody writes about Pope Francis better than Maureen Mullarkey.

  9. I’m with you Magdalene. He should have sent back the message–with all respect dear Bishop of Rome, God comes first.

  10. I see much good that Pope Francis is doing, and much that is not good at all. I have come to the conclusion that he is theologically bipolar. I never wanted to be a cafeteria Catholic but looks like I have no choice now.
    BTW, some really great comments on this thread, guys.

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