What Are Six Million Italian Unborn Between Immigration Allies?

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A sign of just how bizarre this Pontificate truly is:


Emma Bonino, a former abortionist once praised by Pope Francis as “a great Italian,” will appear in a Catholic church to present the pro-migrant campaign “ERO STRANIERO: La humanità che fa bene” (“I was a stranger: Humanity that does good”)

As an abortion rights activist and an abortionist herself, Bonino is directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of approximately six million Italian babies between 1968 and today.

Bonino’s appearance in the Church of San Defendente, Ronco di Cassato, on July 26 will be one of several events celebrating World Refugee Day 2017. The moderator of Bonino’s talk will be parish priest Don Mario Marchiori.  

On his blog “Stilum Curae,” Vatican-based journalist Marco Tosatti remarked dryly that “One assumes that now, after having helped deprive this country of an enormous number of human beings, [Bonino] will be able — in church — to push for a nice ethnic replacement program in Italy.”  


Go here to read the rest.  Because Bonino, a former Italian Foreign Minister, agrees with him on illegal immigration from Islamic countries, her central role on legalizing abortion in Italy does not prevent Pope Francis from calling her great.  Under this Pope our priorities resemble a lunatic asylum version of Catholicism.  Madness on stilts.

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  1. But you see, the refugees will embrace Italian culture and western values. Never mind the fact there be hardly any Italians left within a few generations if Bonino and her ilk have their way.

  2. This pope denies the holocaust of abortion. I really don’t need to know anything more about him.

  3. Tosatti puts his finger on it: this is all about population replacement:

    To replace the West with an ignorant, uninformed, anti traditional, non-Christian radicalist new population source.

  4. The IMMACULATE CONCEPTION of Mary is not professed by Pope Francis. I almost choked writing this. The newly begotten innocent human souls in the sovereign persons conceived in original innocence, the standard of Justice for every nation and people, have been scraped for their mother’s womb and murdered. What is happening now is God’s poetic Justice being visited on a cruel and murderous nation. Like a tsunami, this invasion of barbarians and saracens will inundate the Italian people and wash away every civilization and construction of beauty and grace up to and including The Vatican and its great treasures held in trust for all future generations. If the Italian people can save the Holy Eucharist underground they will be blessed.

  5. The Ottomans swore to turn “The Golden Apple”, the Vatican, into a Mosque. They were stopped by King John Sobieski III of Poland at Vienna. Now, with help of Pope Francis, the Ottomans will succeed in turning the Vatican into a Mosque by subterfuge.
    Europe and America do not see abortion as the scourge by God for not loving our sisters and brothers in Christ, in the marriage bed and in our community.

  6. No, they won’t get that far. The Turks were a formidable military force. Muslims today are a bunch of cowards. They won’t fight.

  7. Italy has a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 1.37 children per woman. The replacement rate is 2.1.

    Because the TFR fell below 2 in the early 1970s, the median age of the population is now 43.8 years and a shrinking and aging population is inevitable, as there are simply not enough women of child-bearing age to reverse the decline.

    The situation is exacerbated by outward migration of young workers to Germany and other more prosperous EU countries

    Without very high inward migration, the Italian economy will simply collapse under the burden of dependent elderly. They are not going to come from the Balkans, Central Europe or Iberia, where the decline in population is, if anything, rather worse.

    The Italian novelist Primo Levi may well have been right in his prediction that, in 200 years, German and Italian would be spoken exclusively in hell.

  8. Not to minimize what she did in the past, but the article describes her as a FORMER abortionist, so perhaps she has repented? After all, Norma “Jane Roe” McCorvey had a pretty big role in the deaths of millions of unborn children but she was still embraced by the pro life movement.

  9. Without very high inward migration, the Italian economy will simply collapse under the burden of dependent elderly. They are not going to come from the Balkans, Central Europe or Iberia, where the decline in population is, if anything, rather worse.
    Net migration of Italian citizens to OECD countries has been running at roughly 40,000 per year during the current business cycle. Net inflow of foreigners has been running at roughly 280,000 during the current business cycle. Typically about 7% of the gross inflow consists of asylum seekers, but there’s been a large spike in recent years and 1/3 of the gross inflow consisted of asylum seekers in 2015.

    Italy’s total fertility rate has been bouncing around a set point of 1.43 during this business cycle. Given Italy’s current population and life expectancy, net migration of 230,000 or so should be about adequate to stabilize population absent improvements in fertility and absent improvements in public health and life expectancy and assuming that immigrants have fertility levels similar to the native born.

    Two questions arise: what is the composition of the immigrant population and what are Italian authorities doing to induce native Italians to have more children? Less than 10% of the gross inflow is arriving from the Western Hemisphere, though that’s the part of the globe from which Italy should be recruiting. Italy supposedly requires Italian language proficiency for permanent residency, which is sensible. If they extended that requirement to aspirant temporary residents as well, required antecedent language proficiency and placed the examination centers only in the United States and Romance Language countries, they could render the composition of their inflow more compatible with their native population. They can contribute to the maintenance of refugees in on-site camps rather than re-settle them in Italy.

    And what are they doing about their domestic pathologies. European labor markets are commonly sclerotic due to wretched excess in protections for the currently employed, housing markets are commonly ruined due to rent-controls, vast inventories of public housing, and greenbelt restrictions on building new housing. Some countries have in addition a policy of mollycoddling immigrants by granting them immediate access to an array of welfare benefits. (Britain is notorious in this regard). While we’re at it, does your tax code encourage fertility?

  10. Art Deco
    Which “Romance language countries” have fertility rates approaching replacement?
    France is close at 2.07, but is also a country with historically low rates of outward migration; the rest are disasters. Portugal 1.53, Romania 1.34, Spain 1.49 are hardly rich recruiting grounds for inward migration. Sub-Saharan Africa would be a better bet, with high TFRs and even more backward economies than Italy.

  11. Which “Romance language countries” have fertility rates approaching replacement?

    Argentina: 2.3
    Bolivia: 2.9
    Cape Verde: 2.3
    Colombia: 1.9
    Dominican Republic: 2.5
    Ecuador: 2.5
    El Salvador: 1.9
    France: 2.0
    French Polynesia: 2.0
    Guatelmala: 3.2
    Haiti: 3.0
    Honduras: 2.3
    Mexico: 2.2
    New Caledonia: 2.2
    Nicaragua: 2.2
    Panama: 2.4
    Paraguay: 2.5
    Peru: 2.4
    Sao Tome: 4.5
    Uruguay: 2.0
    Venezuela: 2.3

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