Resolved: Mentally Ill People Should Not Serve in the Military

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Corporal Klinger was born too soon.  A furor has erupted due to President Trump’s reversal of the one year old allowance of the Obama administration enabling so-called “transgenders” to serve in the military.  The Army this month was warning soldiers that they might encounter “transgenders” in showers who appeared to be the opposite sex and that they should go along with this exercise in make believe.  Go here to read about it.  All people not mentally ill owe a vote of thanks to President Trump for the simple common-sense conclusion that people so mentally twisted that they believe that their DNA does not establish their sex have no business serving in the military.  Next up, fire burns and water is wet.

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  1. In Trump we have a commander-in-chief who clearly understands the purpose and missions of the armed services. Bravo Zulu!

  2. Now, if our military and political leaders can grow enough spine to say the same thing about avowed homosexuals serving in the military. I hope this transgender ban is a step in that direction.

  3. Common sense has been missing in action for a long time now. If nothing else, this is the way to solidify his base. I hope he is able to make one this stick–Art Deco.

  4. There’s only one thing worse than transgender acceptance…that is making the US taxpayer fund the surgery!

    Indeed, bravo to President Trump.

    Obama is an enabler. His policies to normalize the mentality ill prolong the illness.

    Transgenders and homosexuals need acceptance yes, as fellow brothers and sisters, but creating a lifestyle choice mentality that normalizes perverse behavior only creates opportunity to destroy the spirit of truth who fashioned and made us. The Truth will set these individuals free…… everything else is false mercy.

  5. There isn’t another Republican who would have had the backbone to take this step and stand up to the vitriol. Bravo President Trump!

  6. King David of Israel assembled the men. The men who will fight he asked for allegiance. The men who conscientiously objected were sent home. The men who were recently married, King David sent home to give joy, that is, children, to their wives (King David’s constitutional Posterity).
    The mark of the transgendered and the LGBT is a lack of good will for the common good.
    If men are entering the armed forces for a sex change operation how secure can America be?
    President Trump is right to send these individuals home to bring joy to themselves. Men with artificial breasts and male voice boxes are incongruous and grotesque. Women who pose as male with no male voice box or adams apples are silly. Caitlin Jenner has no feminine curves. Caitlin Jenner is built like a brick outhouse with corners.
    384 years before Jesus Christ, the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle said that the soul is the form of the body. (Atheists do not believe in the human soul with unalienable human rights that become our civil rights). Whoever the rational immortal human soul is, the human body will grow to become from the very first moment of existence from who too, the sovereign personhood of the human soul institutes the sovereign state, especially through his perfect moral and legal innocence, that is the standard of Justice for the state.
    Obama could not and did not represent his constituents, all American citizens, because Obama does not know who he is. It is impossible to represent constituents who are sovereign persons when one has not accomplished his own sovereign personhood.
    Trump, on the other hand, has acknowledged “their Creator”, our Founding Fathers and our Founding Principles. President Trump has delegated power to the wisdom of the TRUTH.
    As far as Obama is concerned, I would have voted for Dred Scott to be our first black president, but the Taney Court meddled with political correctness and denied a man who knew who he was.
    Dred Scott would have made America great again.

  7. There isn’t another Republican who would have had the backbone to take this step and stand up to the vitriol.

    Disagree. I think Messrs. Cruz, Santorum, and perhaps Huckabee would be good bets. Scott Walker will go to the mat for his priorities; he doesn’t always. Bobby Jindal, ditto.

  8. Common sense will prevail I hope.

    Some people think that anyone who wants to serve should get to…. we could have an army of individuals who would not be too useful…
    If we want a finer and more precise fighting force, we should begin to only consider very well qualified people for the job- physically, mentally and emotionally like the Swiss Guard and Israeli Defense do.

  9. What a pack of hate mongers. using a fictional TV character who was ONLY doing what he did to get OUT of the army and comparing it to people who WANT to serve, etc. who have a recognized NON mental condition. this is why religion is DYING in the world, this kind of hate.

  10. . “this is why religion is DYING in the world, this kind of hate.”

    Religion Teresa? This is a matter of science. Someone who believes they should be the opposite sex is denying their very DNA. This is clearly a case of mental illness and all the hogwash tossed up by proponents of this pernicious exercise in adult make believe can’t alter that fact. Next time you stop by try making a rational argument rather than an emotional one.

  11. I was catholic apparently you are of the judgmental variety of catholic and like to pick and choose what parts of the bible you CHOOSE to follow. I believe one passage says Do not judge so that you will not be judged. 2“For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.

  12. Emma, by that argument I should never again say Hitler was a bad person, or ISIS is evil, or conservatives are bigots. I have a feeling the biblical passages you reference did not mean we’re to offer no appraisal of anything in the world that anyone does. In fact, the irony is always those who judge people for judging people, if you stop and think on it.

  13. that anyone who wants to serve

    Read a biographical sketch of Bradley Manning. Then read GJM van den Aardweg on the trouble homosexual men have functioning in hierarchies.

    If they ‘wanted to serve’, they would not be trafficking in Too Much Information, and that includes making public extremely odd or gross impulses.

  14. These unfortunate people need psychological assistance, not affirmation. True charity towards them does not mean validating their disorder. The whole exercise of allowing them in the military was not a military decision, but a social one, and one based in affirmation of an illness that needs treatment, not encouragement.

  15. Art: Teresa and Emma’s comments are just the tip of the iceberg when you stand up to the homosexual-political complex. I would like to think that Ted Cruz(for whom I voted) or Scott Walker would have done the same as President Trump, but I doubt it. Republicans have a preternatural ability to lose their backbone in the face of political correctness. Our current president seems to be somewhat immune to it.

  16. Emma/Teresa, Two scoops. Two genders. Two terms!

    You comments seem like the (omit the expletives!) people that scorn, caricature, and repudiate Jesus, then use Him as a political weapon.

    Those lunatics don’t go into the infantry or other combat MOS’s. They enlist to force the taxpayer to pay for their vile mutilations or to advance the agenda.

    My Army son is in town for our youngest son’s nuptials. He is still in the Army. I was “assigned” to tag along for the bachelor party (to ensure everyone survived). Mission accomplished, Thank God. Of course, there was a bit of drinking. (It didn’t help that “Irish Mike” had flown in from Dublin.) At one point, my soldier son said, “I didn’t think I’d live to 25.” That is not the motivation of the LGBT enlistee.

    Approximately 70% of Americans, a super-majority, agree with President trump. The 30%, small minority, that oppose the will of the majority have, for too long, shoved a long list of detritus down the throats of the vast majority of the American people. The Sun is setting of them and their evil agenda.

  17. I would like to think that Ted Cruz(for whom I voted) or Scott Walker would have done the same as President Trump, but I doubt it.

    Walker’s been known to dither when he’s not on his own page. Not Cruz. At their worst, they’re better than Mitch McConnell on his best day of the year.

  18. These unfortunate people need psychological assistance, not affirmation.

    Ha ha ha. If you contract for the ministrations of the mental health trade, the most reliable outcome is that the therapist gets paid. Bradley Manning did not need a shrink. He needed a character transplant.

  19. Corporal So & So says, I am Napoleon”, and gets a Medical Discharge. Corporal So & So says, I am Josephine, and he/she gets a Promotion. The insanity otherwise known as the Obama Administration is over. Thank God from whom all blessings flow.

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