Quotes Suitable for Framing: Glenn Reynolds

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Trump, as I keep saying, is a symptom of how rottenly dysfunctional our sorry political class is. Take away Trump and they’re just as awful and destructive. He just brings their awfulness to the fore, where it’s no longer ignorable. Now they’re willing to play with fire, risking the future of the polity over little more than hurt feelings, in a way that would have been unthinkable not long ago.

Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit

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  1. Countless people believe Trump to be nothing but a button, a circus sideshow who is incapable of holding any public position higher than streetsweeper.
    Those on the Left who persist in this have proven this to be true about themselves. The DC cesspool of the Deep State despise Trump and all who support him. He isn’t one of them and that’s all that matters. Criminals, chronic liars and buttons who are lifelong members of the DC septic tank get a pass, as do the Hollywierdos.

  2. It isn’t Trump. Trump is a reaction to over 100 years of “progress.”

    Peter Berkowitz: “…incompetence ranging from mismanagement of the economy and immigration to botching diplomacy and the conduct of war; politicization of the administrative state as illustrated by IRS targeting of conservatives during Obama’s first term; and the elite media’s use of double standards in reporting and opining about left and right. Underlying it all is the corruption of liberal education, which has become boot camp for progressivism, and of graduate and professional schools, which provide advance training in the progressive exercise of power. To play the vital role contemplated for them by our constitutional system, intellectual and political elites have a long way to go in regaining the people’s trust.”

  3. Kurt Schlichter: “Look Democrats, you’re doing great. After a half year of Trump and several special election moral victories – which are the best kind of victories – America is digging your vibe. Everyone loves the Democrats and their can-do message of opposition to Trump, entitlement to our money, resistance to Trump, demands for even more of our money, and dog-whistlin’ about murdering Trump and anyone else who doesn’t hate Trump or want to give Democrats our money.”

    Truth is hate. And, America’s dirt-bag left pathology in one sentence from Bookworm Room.. “Remarkable, really, that a group of people who measure intellect by knowing who Buzz Lightyear is and who trade in personal insults as a form of political commentary, think that they’re America’s ‘elite.’”

    Why didn’t Obamacare make Americans healthy? It was not designed to do that. ObamaCare concentrated more more money and more power in Washington, DC.

  4. Having read a lot on the Spanish Civil War lately, the last six months has echoes that are uncomfortably familiar to that conflict. I wonder how far the Left will really go.

  5. https://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/2017/07/21/mueller-and-trump-prepare-for-war-with-america-the-loser/

    Roger Simon’s take. Paul Ryan is issuing encomiums to Robert Mueller in the media. Meanwhile, Mueller hires 14 attorneys and 4 turn out to be four-digit donors to the Democratic Party, just as the attorney assigned by Eric Holder was a Democratic Party donor. It’s not difficult to find attorneys who are not party donors. Only a single-digit minority of the adult population donates to political campaigns. A generation ago, Michael Kinsley offered that the image of public officials tends to expand (“like a gas”) to fill whatever office they have been placed in. Robert Mueller may be little other than an inflated reputation.

    Now, back to Congress. The latest travesty is courtesy one Ken Calvert (Greaseball of California) and 1/4 of the Republicans on the House Appropriations committee, who have voted to maintain funding for the NEA, NEH, and the IMLS. Like the ExIm Bank, this is a no-brainer low-hanging fruit, cut-the-appropriation-to-zero decision. Calvert, Ryan, Comey, Mueller, all stalwarts of a corrupt insider clique.

  6. @ “The Bearer:” During these times of trial, partaken always in moderation, may I recommend Caponero Vino Bianco (bottled by Tetti Rossi of Pontedera,Italia), ridiculously reasonably priced; or, for a red, Klinker-Brick Old Vine Zinfandel of Lodi, CA.

    Each abundantly helps establishment of perspective in this edgy age.

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