PopeWatch: Summorum Pontificum

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Summorum Pontificum bye bye?


 Sources inside the Vatican suggest that Pope Francis aims to end Pope Benedict XVI’s universal permission for priests to say the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), also known as the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. While the course of action would be in tune with Pope Francis’ repeatedly expressed disdain for the TLM especially among young people, there has been no open discussion of it to date.

Sources in Rome told LifeSite last week that liberal prelates inside the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith were overheard discussing a plan ascribed to the Pope to do away with Pope Benedict’s famous document that gave priests freedom to offer the ancient rite of the Mass.

Catholic traditionalists have just celebrated the tenth anniversary of the document, Summorum Pontificum. Pope Benedict XVI issued it in 2007, giving all Latin Rite priests permission to offer the TLM without seeking permission of their bishops, undoing a restriction placed on priests after the Second Vatican Council.

The motu proprio outraged liberal bishops as it stripped them of the power to forbid the TLM, as many did. Previously priests needed their bishop’s permission to offer the TLM.


Go here to read the rest.  Nothing the current crowd in the Vatican does would surprise PopeWatch.

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  1. Nothing says, “We want to bring the SSPX back into the fold.” like deep sixing the 1962 Missal.

  2. The Roman Pontiff would be very stupid to do such a thing. For what it’s worth, liberal bishops forbid the TLM to this day despite Summorum Pontificum.

    I am not and will not raise my sons in the Mass of Paul VI because in most dioceses the Mass is celebrated badly.

    Bergoglio really knows how to annoy people.

  3. Father of Seven, there are countless bishops, priests and other functionaries who hate the Mass of the Ages. To them it is a step backwards or a relic that belongs on a shelf in a catacomb. The TLM is seen as a stumbling block to ecumenism. Well, it is, and so much the better for it.

  4. It’s curious that the Priestly Society of St. Peter and the Institute of Christ the King go unmentioned in the article, as if they did not exist.

    The Roman Pontiff would be very stupid to do such a thing.

    And that makes it more likely or less likely?

  5. And a little birdie overheard “sources” waiting in line at a D.C. Starbucks talking about the rumor that Trump junior staffers daydream about doing away with the First Amendment.

  6. A lot of people say “returning to the TLM is a step backwards”. In fact, the NO was a step backwards. Allowing celebration of the TLM was a step is righting the ship.

  7. The Pope has a leak problem too! …. maybe for the good.

    Luke 8:17
    “For nothing is hidden that will not be disclosed, nor is anything secret that will not become known and come to light.”

  8. also- Mark 4:22 “For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.”
    I think that applies to some of those “accidental” open mike occurrences, and to people allowing themselves to be overheard.

  9. Pope Francis’ disdain for the traditional Latin Mass is well-known, and was well-known during his tenure as Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires. It would be a reasonably likely next step for his pontificate to suppress SP, regardless.

    In so doing, he would be completely energizing the SSPX, as well as the various sedevacantist groups and their orders, but also effectively channeling the many young people who now attend the traditional Latin Mass into the alternative [traditional] Catholic Church.

  10. Is anyone really surprised at anything Pope Francis will not do to make the Catholic Church even more Protestant? Apparently, the only things sacred to him are Socialism and Environmentalism.

  11. Sadly, this is not very surprising. But I am and will pray Bergolio’s efforts to surprises SP are unsuccessful. The Latin Mass is amazing and renergizing many in their Catholic faith.

  12. Pope Francis behaves as though the Latin Mass is not a real Mass. Luther believed that if the communicant did not believe in the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist, Jesus was not there in spite of the transubstantiation by the priest.
    Who is next? The Maronite Rite?, the Byzantine Rite?.

  13. Hmm. Latin Mass or NO Mass. Latin Mass, or no Mass.
    Yeah I’ve pretty much had it with this Jesuit nightmare driving a huge, unnecessary wedge between traditional and modern Catholics. Go ahead, Francis, run it into the ground.

  14. If I had my way and was in charge, then Mass would be said in only Hebrew, Aramaic, Coptic, Koine Greek, Latin or Old Church Slavonic. If people didn’t like that, then I would invite them to go join the We – pi$$ – in – the – pail – ians.

    But God in His infinite wisdom will never ever let me be in charge. Neither will my Filipina wife.

    😉 😉 😉

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