Resquiescat in Pace: Charlie Gard

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“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

CS Lewis



Charlie Gard has died.  He was dealt a very rough deck of cards, but he also had two parents who loved him and fought an uphill battle for him and in that he was indeed fortunate.  His brief life heightened the new barbarism to which we are descending in which the all powerful State wields the power of death against the completely innocent.  The final indignity was that his parents were not permitted to have him die at home:


His parents and Great Ormond Street Hospital have been in a months-long legal battle over his treatment. Their final request to a judge this week was to be allowed to take Charlie home to die.

On Thursday, a judge ruled that Charlie will be moved to hospice and his life support will be removed at a time not publicly disclosed. He will not be allowed to go home, as his parents wished.


Go here to read the rest.  That last sentence is absolutely chilling.  Who the hell is that judge to decide that parents cannot bring their child home to die?  This is moral lunacy where innocents are put to death in order to end their “suffering”.  We are very far down a very dark path.  Charlie, I am sure, is in the abode of the Blessed.  As for the rest of us, it is up to us to fight the idea that the State may arrogate to itself the power to do this type of atrocity.

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  1. We know this innocent, Charlie Gard, is a peace with our Father in heaven. His parents will not have peace, but sorrow. I pray for their healing.
    How cruel the health and court systems are in Britain. Charlie was sacrificed by the state because of the arrogance/ hubris of doctors and hospital administrators. They know all. Well they don’t. Only God knows all. They couldn’t take the chance of letting Charlie go home, because they might have been proven wrong.

  2. If I posted here what I think of the English health care system or its courts, Mr. McClarey might contact the FBI.

    We aren’t a lot better here. The baby killer Kermit Gosnell murdered babies he failed to abort before birth. The libertarian rag Pittsburgh Tribune Review, which no longer publishes a print version in Allegheny County, published several articles bemoaning the fact that Gosnell’
    s deeds might harm the “right to choose” Dick Scaife, the late published of the Trib, was a libertine who supported government funding of Planned Parenthood even though he vocally opposed government funding of anything else. He openly admired Margaret Sanger.

    Baby killers. Repent or you will reap the rewards of your deeds.

  3. A quick internet check shows that home hospice care is readily available in London. The English court’s denial of the request that Charlie be allowed to die at home therefore had nothing to do with giving him the ‘best care’. It was no more than an exercise of power to show his parents who their betters really were. Their like are the people who want to rule the planet.

    One of the ugliest incidents in this atrocious story came on July 13th, when a judge misrepresented Chris Gard’s and Connie Yates’ views, which prompted a shouting match in court from Chris Gard. Good for him! It recalls an old movie: “Are you showing contempt for this court?” “I’m trying not to.”

    The planetary empire was at hand.
    They said what was speech and what was listening.
    The ash had hardly cooled after the great fire
    When Diocletian’s Rome again stood glistening.
    – Czeslaw Milosz
    The Wormwood Star

  4. Charlie Gard’s innocence and perfect purity is a rebuke to man’s evildoing and criminal heart’s activity. Charlie Gard’s virginity stands against everything sham, scam and swindle.
    All innocent, newly begotten children, legally and morally innocent, stand against the filth and corruption of the world and the flesh.
    It is not overpopulation, nor is it the expense of raising the next generation, our constitutional Posterity, that aggravates the conscience of fallen mankind so much as the rebuke and reality of the perfect innocence of the newly begotten child, made in the image of God, in free will and reason, who comes at the invitation of his natural parents through the marital act.
    “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”
    Charlie Gard came in the name of the Lord. May he rest in peace.
    Death, war, pestilence and famine will not go away unless man clings to the Lord, God.
    Blessed be the Lord.

  5. My daughter saw this photo of Charlie and started crying. She said “he is innocent and beautiful”. She also said “What a shame on the English healthcare system.”

    She is 9 years old.

    How can a hospital who is meant to care for the sick do this to an innocent baby. How can a 9 year old have more common sense and empathy than a so-called intelligent Heath care system and judicial system.

    May your Soul rest in the arms of Our Lord and may you watch over your grieving parents who love you very much.

  6. I have been surprised at the number of (Catholic) people I met recently who know nothing about Charlie Gard. In some ways our news outlets are failing and at the same time , many people have quit trying to follow news events. Disheartened and uncertain.
    Thank God for LifeSite always faithful.

  7. Anzlyne, I have been surprised at the number of (Catholic) people who stood beside the court’s decision to stop the parents. I have noticed that those who defended the courts as Catholics sounded no different in their arguments than those non-Catholic/non-Christians who defended the courts. That is quite a difference from the days of Terri Schiavo, when those arguing for Terri Schiavo seemed to be speaking a completely different language and reality than those siding with ending her life. Amazing what ten or so years can do.

  8. “O, Mary conceived without sin pray for us.””O, Mary conceived without sin pray for us.” “O, Mary conceived without sin pray for us.”
    Why would a priest at Mass bitterly lament the election of Donald Trump and the loss of Hillary Clinton? WHY?

  9. The newly begotten child creates a mother of a woman and wife and a father of a man and husband. The child “OWNS” his parents. Godparents notwithstanding. Parents in the flesh are owned by the child. The child becomes a ward of the court when the parents fail or neglect him. Charlie Gard’s parents were ignored by the court. Malfeasance in office and a case for removal from the bench.

  10. I have to say it again: CHARLIE GARD, from the very first moment of his existence, related to his Creator and his procreators, his parents, by willing, by freely willing, to survive. CHARLIE GARD’S relationship with his Creator, God is called religion. CHARLIE GARD’S relationship with his parents, whom he creates by his sonship, is called family. CHARLIE GARD’S institution of the nation-state through his sovereign personhood is called citizenship.
    CHARLIE GARD’S relationship with his Creator is primary, the exercise of his civil right to freedom of religion. CHARLIE GARD’S existence and reality, willing to survive, is a free will act. The alternative is a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. CHARLIE GARD’S free will act to survive is proof of his consciousness and sovereign personhood, of his rational, immortal human soul and “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”
    Peter Singer of Princeton University presumes to call out our sovereign personhood through self-conscious acknowledgement. Singer advocates murdering our offspring and our Constitutional Posterity until the age of six years unless they meet his criteria for sovereign personhood.
    CHARLIE GARD’S civil right to Life, freedom of religion, peaceable assembly in the womb for his brothers newly begotten and free association with God, his family and his country; CHARLIE GARD’S innate human rights are denied by the tyranny of government over his sovereign personhood.
    Newly begotten sovereign persons create their parents, a mother of a woman and wife and a father of a man and husband. The newly begotten sovereign soul OWNS his parents, as his parents as the parents own their child, their DNA child. After God, and family, then comes the state. The rest is the imposition of the belief in atheism. Atheism is a belief. Atheism is NOT A RELIGION.
    Religion is a relationship with “their Creator”, in thought, word and deed, that is peaceable assembly. Atheism is not peaceable assembly since atheism denies our sovereign soul and all innate unalienable human rights endowed to the sovereign soul. No soul, no rights.
    The state cannot impose its atheism on the people. Unconstitutional establishment of religion by the state.
    When a citizen’s civil right to life is threatened or denied, the citizen becomes a ward of the court. Terri Schiavo became a ward of the court when Michael Schiavo threatened her with death. As a ward of the Court, the court had the power to award custody to her parents who heartbrokenly sued for their daughter. The court does not OWN the wards of the court.
    Dred Scott became a ward of the court. Taney declared that Scott was only three fifths of a man. Dred Scott might have been our first black President. I would have voted for him. Dred Scott knew who he was. Obama does not know who he is. How doe s a vacant individual represent his constituents? How do judges who do not know who they are, refuse to acknowledge God, the Supreme Sovereign Being and “their Creator” judge real people who are law abiding in a criminal culture?

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