Quotes Suitable for Framing: Paul Zummo

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Just so we’re clear, poems do not represent foreign policy, nor law, nor constitutional doctrine.

Paul Zummo

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        (Language advisory as to the above video.)   News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:  


  1. Acosta’s a knucklehead. There’s a nine-digit population on the Indian subcontinent who have a working knowledge of English right now. And it’s not as if people in Latin America are incapable of learning.

  2. Feelings . . . Nothing more than feelings . . .

    Excellent Paul Zummo!

    Emma Lazarus was not President; was not Congress; was not the Supreme Court; was not Empress of North America.

    Milton Friedman, “You can have open borders. You can have a welfare state. But, you cannot have both.”

  3. Channeling Twain. Suppose you were a liberal. And, suppose your were an idiot. But, I repeat myself. The arrogance and dishonesty are even more outrageous than the stupidity.

  4. I don’t know, but Steyn dismissing the Statue of Liberty as beacon for immigrants seemed, to me, to play into the narrative that it’s not illegal immigrants we hate, it’s immigrants. There’re plenty living here now, and unless you are up to our standards, there’s the door. That’s not what I think, and I believe the narrative is false. But Steyn’s approach does little to assure people of that fact.

  5. Emma Lazarus was not writing poetry about Jihadists. The Statue of Liberty is a tribute to freedom never to be used as a Trojan Horse. Trust in divine Providence.

  6. Just love Tucker’s smile and laugh – but not only that, the guy has a clarity of thought that is rarely matched by any of his adversaries.

  7. Leftists who are currently celebrating Emma Lazarus of course know little about her. She was a most remarkable woman for her time and place. She was a proto-Zionist who helped found the Society for the Colonization and Improvement for Eastern European Jews, and that looked to the establishment of a home land for Jews in what is now Israel. Leftists of course are appalled at that example of open borders immigration, leftists never being known for consistency.

    If we could ask Miss Lazarus about her poem, I suspect that she would say that it was a celebration of the fact that so many people have found a new home in America, and that legal immigration poses complexities that are for the representatives of the people to decide and not poets.

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