PopeWatch: Denzinger

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From the only source of reliable Catholic news on net, Eye of the Tiber:



The largest cross-boarder Lefeverist smuggling tunnel to date was discovered in a midnight raid earlier today by Swiss Guards.  The smugglers fled, abandoning contraband with a street value of over 3 million euros.

Smuggled goods found included pirated copies of “Teach Yourself Latin” software, DVD’s of “The Cardinal,” as well as thousands of copies of Familiaris Consortio and the Decrees of the Council of Trent.

Lead detective on the case Giovanni Verde told EOTT this morning that all of the items seized were street ready.

“From here they would have gone out and been available in the Vatican colleges and back rooms by sunrise,” noting that the tunnel terminated in a small subterranean chapel under one of the Vatican buildings.  “See how the chapel is set up ad orientem?  This is a site of a clandestine Tridentine Mass.”

Rumors have been circulating for years that undocumented Lefeverists were responsible for the countless tunnels undermining the Vatican since the early 1970’s.  According to Verde, his goal is not simply taking down the powerful Lefeverist “cartel,” but also “the numerous groups inside the Vatican supporting them.”

Verde told reporters that he has been tracking a “shadowy figure” who is considered the true leader of the cartel.

“We only know him as “Denzinger,” but he is highly respected in some circles, and his writings are quoted like the Bible. It’s not a secret in the Vatican that the recently terminated the head of the CDF, Gerhard Cardinal Muller, was an admirer of Dezinger.

“It was clear for a number of years that the Cardinal had been Denzinger’s man inside the halls of the Vatican, and now we finally have hard evidence of a conspiracy. Denzinger’s influence over the CDF and the Church will finally be broken.”


Go here to read the comments.  PopeWatch has sought to interview Denzinger, but he is not speaking to anyone.  And with that, PopeWatch will be on vacation hiatus until August 19, 2017.

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  1. “Denzinger’s influence over the CDF and the Church will finally be broken.”
    and Jesus Christ? What about Jesus Christ’s influence over the CDF? At the Lavabo the priest washes his hands. At the kiss of peace the priest shakes hands with everybody including Beelzebub before he returns to the abandoned Sacred Heart of Jesus on the altar. All people, the Church, are in the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the altar. So, WHY?

  2. You know things are bad when a group of Lefebvrites try to smuggle copies of a post Vatican II document into anything.

  3. Isn’t there are difference between “pope watch” and “jorge bergoglio watch” ? The gates of the neoheretics will not prevail against Jesus’s Church. Guy McClung, Texas

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