Let Them Do Their Dreaming in Mexico

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Trump has announced he will cancel in six months the completely illegal Obama Executive Order Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA, issued in 2012 to allow the children of illegal aliens to remain in this fair land of freedom so long as they meet certain criteria, such as no felonies, high school graduates or completed a term in the Armed Services of the United States.  The media and the Democrats have designated the 800k applicants under this program by Executive fiat as “American Dreamers”.

It has long been the law in this country that an alien who successfully completes a tour in our Armed Services is granted citizenship.  I support this law and see no reason to change it.  The DACA scheme however was an unconstitutional usurpation of power by the Executive Branch and Trump is wise to do away with it.  We will see what sort of law, if any, Congress implements to succeed it, and if Trump would sign such a law.

Around 74% of the DACA applicants are Mexican, the rest mostly coming from Central America, South America and the Caribbean.  Under the law of our country they are illegally here, just as much as their parents who brought them here.  Under the laws of their home nations they are citizens of their countries.  The fact that they were brought here as children is supposed to enlist our sympathies on their behalf.  Why?  If a parent steals a large amount of gems that are now in possession of their children, that gives the children no claim on the gems. Their parents stole the right to live in this country and now we are supposed to feel sympathy for the right of their children to live in this country in perpetuity?

The argument is heard that the “Dreamers” often do not know the language of their birth nation.  Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn and, assuming that their illegal alien parents are still alive, I am sure that they can help teach them once they, too, are deported.  If the “Dreamers” are not familiar with the customs, laws and mores of their birth nations, once again mom, dad, and their other relatives will be of great help in acclimating them.

Of course mass deportation of “Dreamers” is unlikely to come to pass.  The Democrats will oppose it because they believe that the Hispanic vote is their path to permanent majority party status.  The Republicans will oppose it because many of them are idiots, John McCain that is your cue, afraid of the media and in the pockets of too many business interests that profit from cheap illegal alien labor.  Thus our immigration laws will likely remain a sham and the only losers are our native-born Americans, especially those at the bottom of the economic ladder, and very few of our politicians truly give a damn about them or their dreams.

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  1. The Republicans will oppose it because many of them are idiots, John McCain that is your cue, afraid of the media and in the pockets of too many business interests that profit from cheap illegal alien labor.

    The antagonism that McCain and his protegees Graham and Flake have had to enforcing the law has never made much sense. One’s had the impression of McCain that he has been increasingly motivated by a desire to irritate people just for the heck of it.

    Oh, and now a pair of Republican members of Congress from Colorado are pushing for DACA to be incorporated into statutory law (with the endorsement of the Speaker of the House, natch).


  2. McCain is a very nauseating human being.

    I don’t know about that. He just makes no sense. He insisted at the age of 74 and again at the age of 80 on running for re-election, as if he were somehow indispensable. After more than 50 years as a federal employee, he’d have ample pension income and, in any case, his wife could buy and sell most Tucson patricians. A man with seven children and a scrum of grandchildren will not be at a loss for things to occupy him in old age unless his children loathe his company. And, yet, even a terminal diagnosis cannot dislodge him from Congress.

  3. Likely, Obama put in writing DACA (See Saul Alinsky) as a “landmine” to explode on a future POTUS that doesn’t actively hate America.

    Both Bushes and Clinton consciously refused to enforce duly enacted immigration laws. They did not reduce it to writing.

    I’m old enough to remember when Obama said this illegal, unconstitutional diktat was “TEMPORARY.”

    Art, The traitors and knaves that populate the establishment GOP support DACA, ACA, etc. They are motivated by: one, cowardice; two, donor/lobbyist money; three, lower wages; four, see two, love of big government and money; etc. Democrats support them for all of the above, plus the desire to build a secular Democrat majority and to fundamentally transform America into a non-white majority socialist dystopia over which they will rule (see Detroit).

  4. The distinguished senator from Arizona needs to go. Sadly, I do not think he has the sense of timing or decorum to actually pack it up. At some point, it does move from insensible to nauseatingly obstinate as we humor this man while he wastes away in an office he is not suited for at present.

    In my estimation, there is a coterie of prominent Republicans who choose to think of the party, and politics in general, as solely a piece of private property which they invest in and therefore retain ownership regardless of any talent for or understanding of issues whatsoever; and it is an affront to these people that they are actually expected to put themselves forward on anything which may be received with snickering at their next dinner party. Senator McCain belongs to this camp; as do the Bushes; the Romneys; Thomas C. Foley who ran two losing gubernatorial campaigns against the clownish Gov. Malloy in Connecticut…the list goes on of course. Though it’s not terribly long one if you sit around to think it through, the problem remains a mixture of inertia, neglect and a choke hold on institutional power. Some of the men and women who are or could be named display rather virtuous and well lived private lives, some of them are actually capable leaders; but overall, their committed dullness is an intractable problem for any sort of conservative movement.

  5. I want to know how many of the commenters here who are belly-aching about the “GOP establishment” because of a federal regulation imposed by a Democrat President and abetted by Democrat members of Congress have ever gotten off their chair upholstery-polished duffs and taken to the streets in protest of Obama’s illegal DACA scheme. I want to know how many belly-achers in these comboxes had the backs of Republican politicians who did speak out against DACA but got slimed by the Establishment Media and its Democrat Party media operatives with bylines.

    I won’t buy the “but we have jobs!” excuse for failing to get out in public and be the face of opposition to illegal immigration, H1-B visa abuses, and other immigration shenanigans. Y’all have Saturdays and time on Sundays after church.

  6. “I want to know how many of the commenters here who are belly-aching about the “GOP establishment” because of a federal regulation imposed by a Democrat President and abetted by Democrat members of Congress have ever gotten off their chair upholstery-polished duffs and taken to the streets in protest of Obama’s illegal DACA scheme. I want to know how many belly-achers in these comboxes had the backs of Republican politicians who did speak out against DACA but got slimed by the Establishment Media and its Democrat Party media operatives with bylines.”

    Come off it! Even the most establishment Republicans turn anti-illegal alien in election years. The classic example of this is John “Complete the Danged Fence” McCain:

    The problem isn’t lack of effort on the part of rank and file Republicans who have delivered smashing election victories up and down this country since 2010, but the perfidy of elected Republicans who say one thing when campaigning and do another thing when voting in Washington.

  7. and do another thing when voting in Washington.

    ‘Do another thing’ means ‘spinning their wheels and accomplishing nothing’. McConnell and Ryan now have majorities in both houses of Congress and a Republican president and they still cannot manage between them to compose a properly ordered set of appropriations bills, so it’s horrid omnibus continuing resolutions.


  8. Oh, golly, go protest.

    Why, so I can get assaulted by psychotic professional protesters?

    Seriously, “stop making rational arguments against actions, with support- go and march around the streets yelling! That will make a difference!”

  9. Breitbart has a scathing piece on the predictable USCCB reaction to the President’s decision. The piece is worth reading. The comments are not.

    Middle America is sick of Washington’s refusal to enforce immigration law. As for the USCCB and the Roman Pontiff, I remember Mother Angelica’s angry retort. “I am sick of you, Liberal Church in America!”. I think she had enough moxie to tell off this Pope if she had lived long in good health.

    Peaceful prayer rallies do make a difference.
    Peace wins.
    Stand up.
    Don’t be a coward.

    *checks pants*

    Yep, still not a teen boy… someone calling me a coward, especially without any rational support, still does nothing to change my mind.

    All protests do is put the ball in the court of chatter and gossip– gossip being largely controlled by the media, which doesn’t tend to support our side.

    Prayer, that is useful– but we’re also told to not try to use it as a public act.
    Using it to reach out to folks who are in deathly danger, cool- to “protest,” or “make a statement,” not so cool.

  11. This is another case of The Donald as Don Quixote. There is something holy about his mission as well as impossible dream.

  12. Oh Foxfier.
    If people shrink from public square presence because of cowardice then they shall be unhappily content to be told what to think, how to act, who to worship.

    Gandhi was unafraid.
    Change happened.
    He didn’t cower.
    My comment wasn’t about you, but it is for those that sit and bitch about the world while they comfortably stroke the keys. Unwilling to take a public stand. Unwilling to stand with neighbors when it’s difficult to do so because so much is on the line. Fear of ridicule or position in the workforce, community or social status.

    No Foxfier. I’m no judging you.
    Just the folks who can’t muster enough moxie to stand for righteousness..God’s Truth.

    Your line about the guy who flaunts his “public square testimony,” is weak.

    Nice try.

  13. Strange Foxfier.

    When fear keeps Jesus’ closest friends from being with him in his time of greatest suffering greatest need…only a couple could be found at the foot of the Cross. John the beloved took the risk that the other ten didn’t. He wasn’t afraid to stand with Truth when things got bad.

    No. Courage is a rare thing.
    *Check your heart Foxfier*

  14. 10 Reasons to Pray a Public Square Rosary

    1. The Miracle of the Sun was public: On October 13, 1917, Our Lady performed a miracle witnessed by 70,000 people, including atheists, communists and anti-Catholics. Some of them converted. The 2015 Public Square Rosary Rallies will remind the person on the street that conversion is possible.

    2. Reach fallen away Catholics: According to research, only 28% of Catholics attend Mass in America. The Public Square Rosary is a great way to reach the 72% of non-practicing Catholics, a total of 46 million people. If they see you praying in a public place, they may be moved to become better Catholics.

    3. Public prayer gets results: Pro-life Catholics have peacefully prayed the Rosary in front of abortion clinics for decades. The power of their prayer has blunted the advance of abortion. Their public prayers save lives. In fact, recent studies show that abortion clinics are closing at a rate of one per month.

    4. Be a Fatima apostle: Our Lord sent the apostles forth to teach all nations. Praying the Rosary in public is an excellent way to introduce others to the Catholic Faith and the Fatima message. “Now no man lighting a candle covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it upon a candlestick, that they who come in may see the light” (St. Luke 8:16).

    5. Public sins require public reparation: Our culture openly flaunts sin. You hear it on public airwaves, on primetime TV, on the Internet. Laws favor abortion and same-sex “marriage.” Your Rosary Rally will be a public act of reparation for these sins hurled against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Your public Rosary will console God. At Fatima, Our Lady said to the children: “You saw hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world.”

    6. Will the media promote Fatima? Never! It’s up to us to promote devotion to Mary “outside the choir.” To pray the Rosary in the public square is a powerful way to promote its recitation. Catholics must not be ashamed of their Faith. “Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father Who is in heaven” (St. Matthew 10:32). During public Rosary rallies already held, non-Catholics have stopped and asked for Rosaries, wanting to learn how to pray.

    7. Public Rosaries in history: At the end of World War II, Communist Soviet troops occupied Vienna, Austria. They refused to leave. Yet, after massive public Rosary processions led by Fr. Petrus Pavlicek, the Communist invaders packed up and left. Large-scale public Rosaries were likewise credited for foiling a Communist takeover in Brazil in 1964. If the Rosary saved these countries, it can save America.

    8. Duty to honor God publicly: Secularists have been attempting to drive religion and morality out of the public square. Children in public schools have been suspended, for example, when they pray grace before meals. That cannot continue! Catholics have the duty to oppose the secularist agenda. We openly honor God and respect His rights. The 2014 Public Square Rosary Crusade will make the point.

    9. Preparing for Our Lady’s triumph: The Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph over evil. It is a great privilege to be among those who trust in her triumph and honor her in the public square. Imagine 14,000 Public Square Rosary Rallies. This historic campaign will hasten God’s victory, attract blessings on America, and surely strengthen every Rosary Captain and every rally participant.

    10. Public prayer is powerful: In his monumental work, The Secret of the Rosary, Saint Louis Marie de Montfort states: “Public prayer is far more powerful than private prayer to appease the anger of God and call down His mercy, and Holy Mother Church, guided by the Holy Ghost, has always advocated public prayer in times of public tragedy and suffering.”

    Every year we surpass our goals.
    20,000 cities across the globe is our goal for the 100th anniversary of Fatima.

    Please stand with us.

    Regardless of ridicule….do it.
    Do it for God and Country.

    Oct 14th 2017.
    Noon to one pm.
    America Needs Fatima.

  15. Philip, if you can’t tell the difference between marching in the street to protest and standing next to your friend and Lord when He is being put to death, I’m not the one that’s strange.

  16. I believe a workable deal to offer democrats and establishment republicans is that “dreamers” should be allowed to become citizens contingent upon both parents voluntarily deport themselves. That’s a two-for-one benefit to the United States. We accept 800,000 dreamers if their living parents return to their original countries. This return, of course, must be documented.

  17. Foxfier.

    I see the death of my friends at abortion clinics. The unborn.

    I see the harm of my friends that believe same sex attraction and sexually engage in that abomination.

    I see the harm of liberal progressive inteligencia shoveling transgender acceptance into public bathrooms.

    What’s truly strange is that you can’t make the connection.

    Are YOU your brothers keeper?

  18. I’m not against you or your writings Foxfier.
    I agree with you that your post was strictly about the topic at hand, DACA, and my over reaction to your comment was harsh.

    Because of your heart, a superb caring heart, I’ll ask you to forgive my take on your opinion regarding protest and DACA.

    I am sorry.

    You are your brothers keeper.

    Good night.

  19. Philip-
    *deletes response to prior comment*


    We may disagree about routes and tactics, but I’ll take hot-headed disagreement on how to REACH shared goals any time, especially when they’re not mutually exclusive.

    Fishing multiple holes gets a better catch, anyways.

  20. I’m old enough to remember Reagan’s 1986/7 amnesty.

    They “legalized” (what?) 800,000. Thirty years later, we have 11,000,000 undocumented citizens (many illegally voting for entitlements/socialism for themselves). If Trump repeats Reagan’s error, America will be further fundamentally transformed,.

    No Amnesty. No Naturalization. No Vote.

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