PopeWatch: Jonathan Pryce

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Well this is interesting.  Actor Jonathan Pryce is going to portray Pope Francis:


Add Pope Francis to Netflix’s continually growing TV and movie roster names. The streaming service is moving forward with the feature film The Pope, with Jonathan Pryce tapped to play the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, and Anthony Hopkins in talks to play his predecessor Pope Benedict. The film will be directed by City of God helmer Fernando Meirelles, has a script by Anthony McCarten, who wrote The Theory of Everything about Stephen Hawking and the upcoming Darkest Hour with Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill.  McCarten adapted his stage play. Dan Lin is producing with Jonathan Eirich, and Tracey Seaward. Filming will begin November in Argentina.

Go here to read the rest.  Intriguingly Pryce also has portrayed the religious figure, and true believer, High Sparrow in Game of Thrones:




In 1996 he played Juan Peron in Evita:


A religious figure with a good deal of Juan Peron in him.  That sounds unpleasantly familiar.

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  1. Typecasting? He played a chilling Mr. Dark in the film adaptation of Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes…

  2. I watched a number of those Madonna Evita YouTube videos linked to the lower video in this post. It was almost like the Nazis in Germany or the Fascists in Italy. That’s what those videos reminded me of – Adolph Nazis and Benito Fascists. And that’s the nation from which Jorge Bergoglio came. An authoritarian Argentinian with a socialist streak indeed! May God save the Church from him!

  3. Indeed, LQC.
    I think this movie will be as popular as the idea of Muslim immigration is in Poland.

    I have noticed the Pontiff, having badmouthed the “traditionalist American Catholics” hasn’t said a single word about Poland.

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