PopeWatch: A Thousand Words

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  1. This new motu proprio is a disaster. The relatively modest retooling of the dreadful 1970s English language Novus Ordo will be rescinded forthwith, and we will likely get a product even more banal and pedestrian than the former translation was, if that’s possible.
    This pontificate is in open warfare against all which came before. May the Lord soon grant us the biological solution to this “Peter in Caiphas’ courtyard” pontificate.

  2. We need Pope Benedict to tell us why he really resigned. He owes us that. He owes himself that. He owes God that.

  3. Jesus went off to a quiet place to pray. Everything Pope Benedict XVI wanted to put into place was rejected, the kiss of peace before the Consecration, the Latin Mas, maybe the altar rails.

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