PopeWatch: The Pope Luther Was Looking For?

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America, the Jesuit rag, published a fan letter from a liberal Lutheran who loves Pope Francis:


Dear Pope Francis,

Maybe you have heard: 2017 is a big year for Lutherans. Many are giddy with excitement as we commemorate the audacity of a certain 16th-century Augustinian monk, who on Oct. 31, 1517, nailed his 95 theses to a church door in Wittenberg. Fingers flutter across keyboards feverishly extolling or disputing Martin Luther’s contributions and flaws. But I—one who has marinated in American Lutheranism most of her life—find myself writing to you, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Perhaps it is an odd moment for Lutheran fan mail. Yet, ever since you became the Bishop of Rome in 2013, I have become increasingly convinced that you are the pope that Luther was looking for 500 years ago. Here are four reasons why.


Go here to read the rest.  The Pope who Herr Docktor Martin Luther was actually looking for was named Herr Docktor Martin Luther.  PopeWatch wishes that he could agree with the Lutheran Francis groupie, but PopeWatch rather thinks that Luther would have been appalled by Pope Francis and would have regarded him as Exhibit A in his contention that the Papacy was the anti-Christ.  Whatever else may be said about that violent heresiarch, Luther truly believed that he was attempting to implement the will of God.  In Francis he would have seen the Bishop of Rome prostituting the Church for political ends.  No, the screeds that Luther would have produced against Pope Francis practically write themselves.

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  1. This Protestant Francis groupie would be appalled to really understand what Luther, Calvin and Cranmer really believed and practiced. I remember one time reading some prayers from the 1549 Book of Common Prayer to a modern day Protestant and she was appalled at the self-abasement and self-criticism inherent in many of those prayers. Imagine if I had read some excerpts from the Institutes of Religion!

    Luther would utterly tear apart this Marxist Peronist for the heretic that he really is. Today’s Protestants have NO idea what their founders really thought, and no knowledge of history beyond breakfast this morning. Useless worthless millennial hipster airhead snowflakes.

  2. Not My Pope.

    LQC: As always, correct. They pull stuff out of thin air (I’m feeling polite this morning and not waxing anatomical) and tout it as fact and truth. To be fair, it’s Papa Foxtrot’s and all leftists’ M.O.

  3. I know that I’m always missing the point, but nonetheless there is no evidence that Luther ever nailed his 95 Theses anywhere, but it makes for a great “optic” when written by a later author.

  4. Dang it I followed the link and got bummed out reading the other”America” articles too – Amoris latitia, lodestar.
    And the point by point hope for youth article/ who should not give up dreams but build bridges despite all against you, no matter where God has planted you

  5. The “love letter” to Pope Francis (aka “Francis the Talking Pope,” for those who remember the “Francis the Talking Mule” films!) was written by a professor who is a member of the apostate ELCA, so of course she likes Francis because he’s turning the Catholic Church into a mainline Protestant denomination like the ELCA and the Episcopal Church, whereby the goal of ecumenism will be reached through indifference to doctrinal differences.
    Believe it or not, there ARE some Protestants who DO know their doctrine drawn from Scripture and are as appalled at what is happening in the Catholic Church as they are regarding the mainline Protestant denominations, which they have abandoned for more conservative church bodies, just as some Catholics have left the “Church” of Francis for various forms of Traditionalism, sometimes questioning who is truly the current Pope, and Sedevacantism, which I believe to be the only logical conclusion to draw from the state of the Church.
    It is quite correct that Luther would have rejected Francis’ apostasy. Even the most immoral and corrupt popes prior to the Reformation STILL upheld orthodox Catholic doctrine. Some earlier reformers (Huss, Wycliffe, Savanarola) attacked the Catholic Church for practices they didn’t like, but the Reformation eventually led to separation from the Catholic Church over matters of doctrine, and conservative Protestants reject orthodox as as well as apostate Catholic doctrine.

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