Stalin is Still Dead

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Strong language advisory as to the below video:



I have long thought that there was a hilarious dark comedy waiting to be written about the power struggle that occurred in the Soviet Union after the death of Stalin.  His daughter described his dying which took several days:

“Father’s death was slow and difficult…. His face became dark and different… his features were becoming unrecognizable…. The death agony was terrible. It choked him slowly as we watched… At the last moment he suddenly opened his eyes. It was a horrible look — either mad, or angry and full of fear of death…. Suddenly he raised his left hand and sort of either pointed up somewhere, or shook his finger at us all… The next moment his soul, after one last effort, broke away from his body.”

The film is coming out on October 20, and judging from the trailer it looks rather historically accurate.  Stalin’s death began a long chain of events that ended with the fall of the Soviet Union.  A fitting “celebration” of the centennial of the October Revolution.

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  1. I WILL NOT WATCH THE FILM SINCE THE FILM USED JESUS CHRIST’S NAME IN VAIN. Stalin died of an asthma attack two weeks after he had his personal physician executed. Having had become paranoid, Stalin had all of his close advisers executed. What a waste.

  2. Ya know, the actor who plays Khrushchev reminds me of Don Knotts, especially in the scene where he is trying to reassure Stalin’s daughter.

  3. After a four year debate, it was decided that no one knows if Hitler and or Stalin repented on their deathbed or floor. Their names like that of Judas, the betrayer, have become signs for their crimes. A repentant Hitler or Stalin in heaven would be very different from the Madman or the statistical genocidal maniac.

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