PopeWatch: Not a Show!

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PopeWatch completely agrees with the Pope:


And furthering his comments on how, too often, the Mass is lived in a superficial way, Pope Francis remarked on the fact that the priest who celebrates says “Lift up your hearts” not “Lift up your cellphones  to take a photo!”

“This is a bad thing” he said, “It makes me very sad when I celebrate Mass here in the Square or in the Basilica and I see many cellphones raised. And it’s not only the faithful, but also many priests and bishops. Please! Mass is not a show!” 


Go here to read the rest.


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  1. I vaguely remember a photo of a Mass be celebrated and several priests surrounded the altar. A few had cell phones and were taking pictures. Pope Francus was chief celebrant? I think TAC did a post on that. Do I remember wrong? I apologize in advance is so.
    Pope Francis does say many good things, and I am genuinely sympathetic to his “developements” and “mess”. Then he does things like, um, downsize?? Cardinal Burke, engages in name calling, tries to shame Cardinal Sarah. I shake my head and think he is just a politician.

  2. Hey, Pope Francis get with the program, don’t you know that folks follow the Mass on their cell phones which they hold up in order to read the daily Gospel, etc. Our pastor highly recommends the use of cell phones at Mass for this purpose. True, aesthetically this doesn’t look good, but the Church gave up on the sacredness of Mass long ago turning into a kind of athletic and circus event with lots of audience participation. If the Pope paid more attention to the desired Mass changes of Cardinal Sarah I would be more impressed. As it is he merely shows he is out of touch.

  3. Reading the Readings (sorry) during Mass from one’s cell? Is there an app thst that??
    Distantly related: Is the “OMG” and its emoticon a violation of the 1st Commandment?

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