PopeWatch: Cardinal Muller

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An interesting statement from Cardinal Muller in an interview last week:


“There  is a front of traditionalist groups, just as there is with the progressivists, that would like to see me as head of a movement against the Pope. But I will never do this. I have served the Church with love for 40 years as a priest, 16 years as a university professor of dogmatic theology and 10 years as a diocesan bishop. I believe in the unity of the Church and I will not allow anyone to exploit my negative experiences of recent months.  Church authorities, on the other hand, need to listen to those who have serious questions or justified complaints; not ignoring them, or worse, humiliating them. Otherwise, unwittingly, the risk of a slow separation that might lead to a schism may increase, from a disorientated and disillusioned part of the Catholic world.  The history of Martin Luther’s  Protestant Schism of 500 years ago, should teach us, above all, what errors to avoid.”

“The Pope confided to me: ‘Some have told me anonymously that you are my enemy’ without explaining in what way” he recounts unhappily. “ After 40 years at the service of the Church, I had to hear this: an absurdity set up by prattlers who instead of instilling worry in the Pope they would do better visiting a “shrink”.  A Catholic bishop and cardinal of the Holy Roman Church is by nature with the Holy Father. But, I believe, as Melchoir Cano, the 16th century theologian said, that the true friends are not those who flatter the Pope, but those who help him with the truth and theological, human competence.” In all the organizations of the world, delatores of this type serve only themselves.”


Go here to Rorate Caeli to read the rest.

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  1. The Holy Father can rule like a caudillo over his brother bishops and priests but the laity – even an entire nation (Poland) can stand up to his heresies. Neither Cardinal Muller nor Cardinal Burke want to march into his office and tell Pope Francis to extract his head from wherever it is – and Pope Francis’ constant bellyaching about global warming and immigration lead a reasonable Catholic to believe he has his head somewhere it should not be – but an educated laity can say enough and no more.

    Poland has flat out refused to take any of the tidal wave of migrants flooding Western Europe. Neither this nor any Pope is going to excommunicate what is likely the most Catholic nation on earth for refusing to accept the Muslims invading Western Europe.

  2. Bishop Muller is playing political games by trying to appeal to traditionalists and Pope Francis. He is a quisling who wants to be the next Pope. God help us.

  3. So what should Cdl. Muller do? Leading a schism is unthinkable. Be like Lefevre and be dismissed, pehaps to a monastery to be silenced? Or should the cardinal respectfully continue his questioning of the pope’s writings and quietly encourage other prelates to be brave and speak the Truth?
    The mischief makers, the pope’s toadies don’t need a shrink. They need a period of discernment, good confessors n penance.
    How about us faithful Catholics? In addition to prayer what actions can we faithful laity take to save our Church?

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