God Help Iran

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Iranian demonstrators are posing the biggest challenge to the regime of the mullahs since 2009.  One fact that should never be forgotten about Iran is that the regime of the mullahs has never been very popular.  They seized power in 1979 largely due to the unpopularity of the Shah’s regime.  During almost four decades they have delivered little but repression, war and economic stagnation to the people of Iran.  2009 demonstrated that the mullahs are quite willing to drown protests in blood.  In Iran you have the regular military forces and a parallel military, most notably the Revolutionary Guards, that are a political army for the mullahs.  One fine day some Iranian general is going to decide that it is time for the mullahs to go, and lead his men in support of the demonstrators.  That is the nightmare of the mullahs.  It may not occur this time, but some day it will occur and the squalid Iranian police state will fall.  May God in His mercy hasten that day.

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  1. Some units have not been firing on the crowd, and I heard about it via the state department putting out a statement of support, so they’re already ahead of last time.

  2. We need to be careful in our support: to wait long enough for the world to see that we had no direct hand in this, but that it comes from the Iranian people, yet not so long that the movement loses momentum (as Obama did). Watch the timing.

  3. So far, we’ve done what they asked for last time.
    Officially went: “yeah, you cool!” and stood the heck back.
    I am still impressed that the first I heard of this was the State Department official statement. They’re supposed to be ahead of a mommy with no connections!

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