PopeWatch: Fake News

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Well this is interesting:


Pope Francis plans to highlight the importance of truth and the fight against “fake news” in a message to be released Jan. 24, the Catholic News Service reports.

A spokesman for the Vatican told the news service that Francis will speak out against false information that leads to the “polarization” of public opinion in modern societies.

Go here to read the rest.  This seems fitting to PopeWatch.  Considering how factually challenged many of the statements of the Pope have been, go here to read a typical example, he would seem to have a certain expertise when it comes to fake news.

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  1. Newsbreak ’18.
    Vatican City.

    Pope Francis has agreed to participate in a year long silent retreat. “I believe it will help me to consider the importance of life after death.” “Souls need to be prepared for the ultimate climate change, death.”

    Fake news?

  2. Pope always supplies lots of good material waiting to be harvested by Saturday Night Live. He has become a ridiculous comic figure, an embarrassment to himself and the Church.

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