With apologies to JRR

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Hattip to co-blogger Christopher Blosser.

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  1. Excellent.
    Herself has an appetite for self love equal to that as Barack Obama.
    In this case JRR might be agreeable to this parody.

  2. “Obamaprah” – Brilliant!

    Seen on Facebook: Oprah made TV her billions (imagine that) and fame giving away stuff. Trump made his TV “bones” challenging people to accomplish big things. Sounds like democrat vs. Republican.

    Anyhow, if Hillary is hale and well and still feels the need to take over America, Obamaprah will have killed herself.

  3. No further evidence required to support the notion that emotion has overtaken our electorate. God please spare us embezzles from turning our Presidency into another “award” show.

  4. I know and I know for certain, that that was a temptation by the Devil towards Mary the Mother of God.
    (I don’t think that any of us, including Oprah, can really qualify. Although the devil may try.)

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