PopeWatch: Sensus Fidelium

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Edward Pentin advises that the Pope wants to hear from you.  Go here to read about it.

A Pope of course is free to take advice and counsel from anyone he chooses, but PopeWatch is disturbed by the Pope eliciting these types  of comments from the over a billion Catholics that live on this globe.  This type of vox populi approach to leadership does not inspire confidence and is always subject to manipulation.  Oh well, perhaps PopeWatch should simply print out the thousands of PopeWatch posts and mail them out for light reading for the Pontiff?  Let PopeWatch know in the comboxes what you would write to the Pope.

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  1. Dear Pontiff.
    If you have befriended sinners with your words and actions while on earth but loose them and yourself into a lake of fire, what good did it do?
    Jesus’ words are good enough. The hundreds of theologians who have come before you in the course of 2000 years are praying for you today. They are praying for your conversion.
    Heed their prayers and defend the Church from heresies… please don’t spread them since the Church will only suffer. Being “historic” by marrying a couple on a plane isn’t a sign of greatness nor humility. Greatness comes from simplicity obedience and humbleness. I wish you all three on your journey. Remember the child on Jesus’ lap. Child like faith. Pure and simple.
    Be great.
    Be a student of our Holy Catholic Church and obedient to her teachings.

  2. Frank Walker, Canon 212, says don’t write the Pope as your misery about what he does just makes him happy. I agree. When dealing with evil, avoid it.

  3. Bergolio just wants to smoke out his enemies. Beware of writing anything negative to him. They might find your body in a river or a shallow grave in the days to come.

  4. Do write the Confraternity for the Doctrine of the Faith. I am told that every letter, email is read. I am sure that the editor of L’Osservatore Romano has worked his finger to the bone deleting my emails, but he has to read the headline. Editors are a captive audience. Teach one editor and teach his readership.
    Pro-aborts, overpopulation zealots and climate changers can and will be edged out by sheer numbers and common sense.

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