State of the Union: 2018

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President Trump will be giving his first State of the Union Address tonight, and it should make for good television.  Some of the lamest members of the House Democrats have pledged to stay away, thus elevating the tone of the proceedings.  Other female Democrat members of Congress are attending, but wearing black to protest Trump not having castrated himself or something.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not be attending, speaking in Rhode Island instead.  Her old friend Justice Scalia would have agreed.  He thought the Justices should not be props at the State of the Union address and hadn’t attended one for more than 20 years prior to his death in 2016.

As for the speech, it will probably touch mainly on three main topics:  the economy, the economy and the economy.  The number of times a President mentions the economy in a State of the Union address is usually a pretty good barometer of how the economy is doing, and Trump has a fair amount to crow about.  If his usual mode for set piece speeches is followed, Trump will give a pretty good speech, and all the headlines tomorrow will be about what Trump tweeted a few hours after the speech.

Use the comboxes to comment on the speech as it is being given.

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  1. For the past eight years, I declined to watch that idiot Obama’s lies and nonsense.

    Since 2017, we can listen to a great man who loves my country, President Donald J. Trump.

  2. Since a Democratic member of Congress is bringing a convicted felon / grifter from Trinidad whose deportation has been delayed for 12 years by a conspiracy of shysters (and has been stayed yet again by a posturing ninny on the bench), I’m hoping DJT points him out in the audience, points out the member of Congress who invited him, reads the bill of particulars on his indictment, reads the latest blather from the immigration magistrate’s protecting him, and announces the home address and license plate number of said immigration magistrate.

  3. Fantastic.
    Tax cuts, a little humor and the dem’s gritting their teeth. Pelosi…
    Keep grinding your teeth!

    Great address thus far.

  4. Greg, regarding that Kennedy speech– there was some strange
    drooling on his part, or at least some sort of odd makeup malfunction.
    Anyway, the internet wags are calling it “Chapstickaquiddick”…

  5. I enjoyed it just for all the things he said that were certain to (and did) send all the libs into either stage 4 hyperventilation or major depression (no offense to persons actually suffering from that serious condition, I’m just having fun.) Bill O’Reilly sent some hilarious tweets, such as “Nancy Pelosi looks as if she’s sitting on a nail.” And Pocahontas proved for all time that she lives in an alternative reality with her ranting tweets about tax cuts “punching working people in the gut” and other Marxist fantasies. I ran out of popcorn but it was all most enjoyable.

  6. The Democrat response? A Kennedy bemoaning wealth and privilege.Now that’s rich!

    Better yet a Kennedy standing in front of an automobile with an open hood. The DNC pr people are either obtuse or they’re Republican moles with a mordant sense of humor.

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