This is My Shocked Face

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Apparently, according to the Lepanto Institute, America, the Jesuit rag not the country, has a correspondent who is a Communist:

But Dettloff isn’t just a communist.  He also supports and promotes homosexuality and transgenderism.

On Facebook, Dettloff applauded Institute for Christian Studies professor Nickolas Wolterstorff’s speech in defense of same-sex “marriage,” which concluded that “biblical justice requires that people of homosexual orientation be granted ‘the great good of civil and ecclesial marriage.’”

Go here to read the rest.  I guess I would be more shocked to hear that the Jesuits at America had correspondents who were not Commies.

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  1. I still believe that “communism” by whatever name, has chosen to use lust and drugs to subdue America (remember the sixties revolution with pot and sex?), much like it used cheap vodka in the old soviet Union. With the opium crisis it sounds like we’re nearing the final battle time.

  2. The Francis Church (Which has nothing to do with the Catholic Church outside of occupying Her buildings) is literally giving God the middle finger, then runs around laughing about it. Payback will be swift and definite.

  3. The charism of the Society of Jesus is single-malt scotch and sodomy. No surprise, really.

    I haven’t forgotten Grant Gallicho. Is Commonweal still published?

  4. You must be kidding Michael. What you say about Dettloff could be said about Pope Francis. Both are Communists, both are heterodox. And the action to oppose these outrages in not even charmingly naive.

    “We strongly encourage you to contact your bishop with this article and
    ask him what steps he is going to take to protect the faithful in his
    diocese from a publication so closely aligned with the enemies of

    The only thing that counts with the Bishops and the Pope is money. The answer then is to everything we can to defund their efforts. Contribute to your parish but not the Bishops. They are just a tool of the Democrat (abortion) Party. They are not on the side of the angels.

  5. The money is distributed to the diocese. There is no defunding the parish from the levies of the diocese and the Vatican. The evil must be rooted out and with God’s help it will be rooted out. The Catholic Church is held in trust for all future generations.

  6. to Mary DeVoe – I understand that what is given to a parish’s debt reduction or building fund is NOT distributed to the diocese. Check with your own parish to see what the policy is.

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