The Ever Unconvincing Left

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Internet sensation Jordan Peterson, and the over the top hate directed against him by the Left, brings to mind one of the unspoken features of contemporary life:  Leftism is completely unconvincing.


Think about it.  Leftism tends to only flourish in locations where they can howl down contrary speakers, a prime example is academia, where they have a captive audience, public schools, or where they can blacklist opponents, ironically the entertainment industry.  Leftists have largely forgotten how to argue and how to debate ideas.  Their only “arguments” these day are an oblivious assumption that all “good” people share Leftist views, and some form of force.  And that is not enough for the long term.  Evidence of this?  When Leftists have to compete head to head with non-Leftists, they tend to come a cropper.  Examples of this in this country are Politics and Religion.  In politics Leftists increasingly turn to the courts, because they are usually unable to enact their agendas by the ballot box.  In religion, a church embracing Leftism is a death warrant since such an embrace is swiftly followed by ever increasing empty pews.


Peterson represents to the Left their inability to argue successfully and thus they respond with brownshirt tactics.  Like their ideological forebears, a fist is their only true response to reason.  A movement that rests almost entirely on force is a movement that is doomed in the long run.

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  1. Over at According to Hoyt, the general agreement is that it’s a design feature.

    Basically, there’s a reason that “there are four lights” situations keep happening– if you can get people to tell a small lie for you, they’re dragged in.
    Sort of like the pro-abortion movement. A lot of the defenders are invested. If they admit that they’re wrong…they are baby killers.

    Most of the buy-ins are much cheaper. Agree that equality means giving people a preference by these categories; be “nice” and don’t fight with this person, just turn the other cheek and agree to disagree (which generally means “shut up and let them declare it without arguing”).

    Be nice and give these guys an advantage– you can afford it.
    Don’t correct a factually false claim at the root of an argument– try to deal with just the argument, if you must.

    Act like the facts don’t matter, because facts tend to be uncomfortable, and they’ll howl. Just politely agree.

    Eventually, you tend to find yourself stuck with either having all those prior fights at once, probably with a figurehead who is more sympathetic and manipulative than you are, or agreeing– for the sake of peace– that 2+2=5.

  2. Making folks angry isn’t an inherent good; avoiding a fight isn’t an inherent good. But if they can train a habit of not confronting for the little things…people tend to follow their habits.

  3. Of course for all the examples you need you can just go to any Patheos blog.

    Foxfier – Morgan likes to call it the “Crazy Auntie Mable” strategy.

    I certainly think one part of it is the reduction in siblings over the years – kids have not had the opportunity to experience and work out fights.

  4. Interesting article, but gets kinda stretched and rant-y. Honestly, gets into Crazy Aunt Mable area himself in reading the “intentions” of people as horrible– even when there’s no need and more than enough examples without it.

    < = has become the person who will not pussy foot around Obnoxious Crazy Uncle when he decides to bull around. Suddenly, he started being polite.

  5. Leftism tends to only flourish in locations where they can howl down contrary speakers, a prime example is academia…
    Donald R. McClarey

    Time to cut way, way back on coercing US taxpayers to fund academia. Most of the money spent on so-called higher education is wasted anyway, half the students leave college more ignorant about the basics than they were when they matriculated.

    A sensible path forward would be tough on colleges and universities that depend on subsidies and State subsidized students but too bad. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods and (attention US bishops!) there’s no loophole for those who use Caesar as their cut-out or bag man for moving ill-gotten gains around.

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