PopeWatch: Raymond Arroyo

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Raymond Arroyo understands that pretending to hear no evil and see no evil does not make good Catholics.



When Robert Royal told EWTN’s The World Over host, Raymond Arroyo, that he perhaps regretted writing a column about Gaudete et Exsultate last week because of the visceral responses it elicited from his readers, Arroyo chimed in:  “You must’ve been looking in my mailbox!  I get this every week.”  

Holding up his hands, as if there were a gun pointed at him, Arroyo said, “Don’t shoot the messenger…all we do is cover this [news].”

“We all love the Holy Father, and the viewers of this program do,” said Arroyo.  “It is up to us to respect him enough to take [his] words and evaluate them in the context of the times, and of the moment.”

“And if we look the other way for portions, or pretend we’re not seeing it, we’re letting the audience down and we’re not being, to my mind, good Catholics,” added the EWTN host. (See the exchange on this between Arroyo and Royal in the video below from 9:27 to 11:22.)

Royal, president of the Faith & Reason Institute in Washington, DC, had said that “One set of people read [my column] one way, and one set read it another.”

“Two of my readers wrote to me and said, ‘you’re the one exacerbating all these differences in the Church,’ as if somehow we created this large-scale international controversy.”

“On the other hand, other people are writing in saying ‘you were perhaps too charitable’”  to the Pope, said Royal, because he had noted that there were “good things” in the papal document.

Shooting at the Papal Posse ‘Messengers’ 

“Papal Posse” members Robert Royal, Fr. Gerald Murray, and Raymond Arroyo are now accustomed to dodging bullets from fellow Catholics who are critical of the show’s fair and balanced approach to reporting on the Vatican. 

Patheos writer Mark Shea, who calls Arroyo the “Pied Piper of EWTN,” says Arroyo’s balanced reporting “leads the sheep away from the teaching of the Church and toward the sundry Right Wing Culture Warriors and liars at war with Pope Francis and the Magisterium.” 

Another Catholic blogger, Mike Lewis, unhappy with the ‘papal posse’s’ reporting and discussions, tweeted, “Does EWTN host Raymond Arroyo place politics ahead of the Catholic Church’s teachings and fidelity to @Pontifex?” 



Go here to read the rest.  In Heaven I suspect Mother Angelica is giving a thumbs up.

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  1. I suppose there is an advantage to having a blog almost zero readership.

    I hope you have a better reason to up at this hour than this diabolic cold

  2. I am glad he is speaking out about this. But he and the rest of the “orthodox” Catholic media have been ignoring the the episcopal malfeasance of people like Archbishop Chaput, Abp. Gomez, and others who have reputations for orthodoxy who misrepresent Church teaching on capital punishment and illegal immigration. Since at least 2014, the USCCB’s Fortnight for Freedom campaign has made the false claim that state immigration laws, that happen to be clearly consistent with Catholic teaching, violate religious liberty alongside the Obamacare contraception mandate. But yet, you haven’t heard a peep from these guys about that, have you?

  3. “I hope you have a better reason to up at this hour than this diabolic cold”

    I was up shortly before that time Hank to let my dog out to answer a call of nature. I did not set the latest PopeWatch to publish when it did, so I assume the post it timer must have been off on the article. Normally I am in bed around 9:00 PM and get up at 4:00 AM. Around five and a half years ago I began to keep my late grandmother’s “country” hours without deliberately doing it. Blogging between 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM before the law mines get hectic has its advantages!

  4. Raymond Arroyo is the antithesis of Mark Shea. Something tells me Raymond will be quite glad of that on judgment day. Is there a more un-Christian scold out there these days than Mark Shea? His early work in apologetics was really good. It’s hard to remember that in light of what he’s become.

  5. Greetings, Fellow Rats!

    I didn’t need that Mark-who quote (Was he besotted on hootch or overcome with legalized recreational weed?). That (Pied Piper thingy – implying we are rats) is “original.” I guess he couldn’t use “racist” to change the subject and non-answer questions he can’t rationally answer – resort to hysterics. He couldn’t libel us as “heretics.”

    The heretics forcing their opinions to displace/radicalize Church Teachings are PF and his gang.

    In my opinion, Church Teachings and Objective Truth are not susceptible to “fundamental transformation.”

    Very truly yours,

    One Rat

  6. Let me join the Rat Pac,
    administrative state is imitation government.
    As the Vicar of Christ, the Pope is loved and listened to. As the Pied Piper of Discord and chaos, Bergoglio is admonished according to the spiritual works of mercy. The Spiritual Works of Mercy are: To instruct the ignorant. To counsel the doubtful. To admonish the sinners. To bear patiently those who wrong us. To forgive offenses. To comfort the afflicted. To pray for the living and the dead.
    To admonish the sinner, to counsel the doubtful and to instruct the ignorant are our prayers for the souls headed for perdition. These spiritual works of mercy are demanded by Christian love and agape.

  7. Raymond Arroyo’s appreciation and respect for Mother Angelica runs deep.
    It’s some of her spirit living in his soul. God be with him and all who defend truth. “Boldness should be the eleventh commandment.” – Mother Angelica

  8. I think they are perhaps just jealous- that ewtn/the world over have more followers than shea and this other fellow- whom I’ve actually heard of before- can only dream of. I think they also can’t stand the fact that they can’t silence them- which leftists always have a tendency towards- so they have to run hit pieces on them. Also, I tried to post a comment on Lewis’ site questioning his critique, and surprise, surprise, it was not permitted. Hypocrisy anyone?

  9. Father Of Seven-
    heard him on one of the Easter EWTN radio shows; they kept him strictly on theology and history, and he was good.

    It was really dang depressing, that he can still do well, and would rather be a bomb-chucker. 🙁

  10. I’m sure Mike Lewis means well, but once you’ve one of his pieces of papal boosterism, you’ve read them all.

  11. I cannot comprehend at all, why Catholics would refuse to see or even want to be educated on, the fact that their pope is no longer teaching Catholicism. I mean, why on earth bother to be Catholic, if you don’t care that he is breaking THE job one he has, to defend the Catholic faith, passing it along INTACT, to the next generation. He has no mandate to change things. He is not allowed to change things. He cannot change things.
    Yet, he is changing things. And these are not minor things, these are big things. You know it, I know it, all God’s children know it.
    Yet Catholics refuse to see it, and as we see, don’t even want to hear about it.
    They care more about their phony Catholicism, than they do about Christ, or Truth, or their actual faith. They jettisoned all that, so they could be comfortable and phony Catholic, “supporting the pope”. The pope is a heretic! Your pope (and mine) is a bona-fide, died in the wool, heretic. I don’t have authority, you will say. Yes, I do. I am a Roman Catholic in good standing, who knows my faith. I have enough spiritual discernment (as you may) to be able to identify heresy when I hear it. When we hear heresy, we are no longer bound by any rule to follow the pope. We are not to listen to him. Our duty is to Christ, and the Gospel. Not to a heretic.
    It is stunning that people would criticize Raymond Arroyo, who has proven his own bona fides as a Catholic. He cares about Truth. We need more men with spines like Raymond, because we are seeing we have precious few men who willing to sacrifice their own comfort for Jesus Christ. Look, a little pressure and Robert Royal had regrets. We wonder how we will fare against Islam? We are not even willing to be inconvenienced or lose a few comforts.

  12. Understood.
    Removing the Shea connection.
    TAC has a great amount of followers..your post from two weeks ago (Catholic Blogs) top fifty if my memory serves me. (?)
    … “almost zero readership,” threw me.
    My bad.

  13. “Does EWTN host Raymond Arroyo place politics ahead of the Catholic Church’s teachings and fidelity to @Pontifex?”
    Isn’t this provocative question sort of mixed up! The reason for being a ‘papal posse’ anyway is that Higher Calling which seems lost in the priorities of certain ones in the Vatican area due to those politics. Agree with the thought on Mother Angelica.

  14. Don

    Thanks, I have had a “stay in bed” cold for a week which seems to clearing up. I may not have been coherent.

    Your blog is falling into the “visit the sick” category thanks.

  15. Happy Birthday Mother Angelica!! Rita Rizzo April 20th 1923.
    From Archbishop Charles Chaput; Mother Angelica succeeded at a task the nation’s bishop’s themselves couldn’t achieve.

    In the early years the sister’s made and sold fishing lures.
    Fisher’s of men would be more precise.
    God be with you dear Mother Angelica.
    Happy birthday in heaven.

  16. Hank-
    the “I am awake because misery, hope you’re up for a nicer reason” came through loud and clear for me…. given that I’m on about week three of averaging an hour and a half short of sleep, we had a con last weekend and two sick kids the week before that, this may not be reassuring!

  17. Evangeline-You have hit on something very important: “why bother to be Catholic?” Once they ask themselves that question, many many leave the one holy catholic apostolic Church. And they are going to begin to ask it precisely because of the bergoglian heresies and its enforcers. All here and the rest of the “terror bloggers” say over and over 2+2=4, according to Holy Mother Church. Meanwhile Bergoglio and the other heretics, and his Vatican NKVD and the perverts in high church office in almost every diocese in the world, say 2+2=5, or 3, or whatever you think it is, or whatever you want it to be. This denial of 2+2=4 will lead to a situation similar to that of the protesting denominations-several tens of thousands of them now-because the 2+2=7 folks go off and start their own religion franchise; and the 2+2 = perversion folks start their own same-sex communes and their priestess covens; and the 2+2 = 4.0005 get their own IRS 501(c)(3) operation going. What is left? Even if small, the 2+2=4 folks and the terror bloggers. Rejoice in all things-and thank you Evangeline for this insight. Guy McClung, Texas

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