We Own You People

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Babylon Bee nails it:


LONDON—Upon the news of a high court ordering life support removed from 2-year-old Alfie Evans, English Prime Minister Theresa May issued a brief, friendly reminder to citizens of the U.K. that the all-powerful state actually owns their children.


In a video circulated online, May informed parents who were “getting a little too attached” to their children that they need to keep in mind that the United Kingdom is the actual legal parent, and the kids are simply on loan to them until the State decides it’s time for them to die.

“Yes, we’re gracious enough to allow your kids to reside with you and for you to make lots of the decisions in their day-to-day lives, but when the rubber meets the road, we just want you to remember that the Almighty State straight-up owns your kids and will do with them as we will,” she said. “We make all the big decisions, and you have pretty much zero say when it comes right down to it. Just keep that in mind and stay in your place.”

Go here to read the rest.  Satirical sites like the Babylon Bee have a hard time keeping up with our mad, mad reality.  Alfie Evans reveals that the proud boast that “Britons never, never, never will be slaves” is merely a line from an old song that has no relevance to the current rights of the subjects of the Crown.



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  1. Stay Calm
    SHUT UP!

    Theresa May might want the above slogan silk screened
    on shirts for her subjects. You know…as a reminder for those who are stepping out of line.

    Prayers for the family and Alfie.

  2. The left is a cancer.

    Old people in my grandparents’ generation “knew” if they went into a hospital they weren’t coming out.

    It is not only poor, little Alfie. Socialized medicine is rationed medicine. The UK supposed “banned” the NHS’s so-called death pathway, budgetary programs in 2014. However, if you are an aged bloke or blokette and not feeling chipper, whatever you do do not go to a UK hospital. They’ll likely not consult with you; economically/efficiently sedate you; and deny you food and hydration. Say, “Hello!” to St. Peter. .

    Mrs. Thatcher famously said, “Pretty soon you run out of other people’s money.”

    Everything the left touches turns to garbage.

  3. The state kidnapped Alfie Evans. The Vatican offered to take Alfie Evans to their hospital. The UK refused to release him. KIDNAPPING. And remember guns have been banned in the UK so there is no telling what else the state will do.
    A newly begotten child makes a mother of a woman and a father of a man, simultaneously instituting the state through his sovereign personhood. The UK owes Alfie Evans acknowledgement of his sovereign personhood, the same same sovereign personhood wielded by Queen Elizabeth II. “…all men are created equal…by their Creator.”
    It seems the UK is more equal than their subjects.

  4. First, this isn’t going to be politically correct and will likely be misconstrued as advocacy for violence. But it isn’t. We have a Second Amendment in the United States so that we can protect our families – our children – from government tyranny like this. Now that said, I don’t advocate violence. But what would you do if hospital personnel were withholding nutrition and water from your baby? What should you do to protect your family? I don’t have a good answer to those questions. But we know what the forefathers of this country did in 1776 to defend their families.

    Second, anybody remember Terri Schiavo? It’s the same thing: murder the helpless who cannot fend for him or herself so that our lives can be convenient.

  5. “And remember guns have been banned in the UK so there is no telling what else the state will do.”
    So what do you suggest? An armed uprising? Well, there are sticks and stones aplenty in the the UK, and those are just as useful against a modern military equipped with (among other things) air support, tanks, artillery, and explosives as the guns it is legal to own in the USA. That suggestion would be a suicidal bloodbath that would make Wounded Knee look like a scraped knee. Or maybe you are suggesting that the Brits should assassinate their leaders? 1. That suggestion is probably contrary to US law. 2. Americans want to cry about vague “tampering” in an election, but then advocate assassinations in another country — one of America’s closest allies, at that? 3. As we have seen in recent years, people who want to engage in terrorism of any kind are not limited to conventional weapons, so the lack of guns is not particularly important. 4. And, once again, let’s say someone acts on your hint and assassinates Theresa May. Ever heard of Guy Fawkes Day? If not, look into it now. It gives you some idea of the lasting consequences of what you suggest.

    Do us all a favor and keep hints like the ones you were dropping to yourself.

  6. Howard, when faced with a tyrannical government, Mattathias in 1st Maccabees chapter 2 and then later his seven sons after him did exactly as you suggest against a tyrannical government. Now for the record, I do NOT advocate assassination of Theresa May. Indeed, Mattathias did not assassinate the evil Seleucid King. He acted proportionally against what he saw as idolatrous and tyrannical. But I do like Foxfier’s example from Lifesite News above. It’s time we men grew spines against an evil with which there can be no compromise. If British (and American) authorities will starve little babies (Alfie Evans) and bed-ridden young women (Terri Schiavo) to death, then they will do exactly what Antiochus IV Epiphanes did before them, and sadly and regrettably there is one and only one response to that which works. Show weakness and be exterminated. Now again for the record I do NOT want that, I do NOT advocate that, but that’s what happened in the past – bully govts continue to the Robespierre guillotine, the Soviet communist bullets.

    Think about it – this isn’t going to stop with the govt murdering a little baby or a young woman. 🙁 God save us from this madness.

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