Do You Know Who I Am?

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My advice to clients when involved in a traffic stop.  Be polite and professional.  Do not argue with the cop.  Answer questions as briefly as possible.  Concentrate on what the cop is saying.  Keep track of how long the stop lasts.  Politely decline to take any tests or to allow any searches of your vehicle.  Get to me as soon as possible after the stop to tell me exactly what was said and done.  Any argument about the stop will be done by me in Court, where it matters.


Caren Turner, ex Ethics Commissioner for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey gives us a great example of how not to handle a traffic stop (strong language advisory):


Way to go Caren for turning a meaningless traffic stop into a life altering calamity for yourself!  Give her a hand ladies and gentlemen for giving us all an example to avoid!

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  1. Wow. I love how she kept pointing out who she is and who and what her child is. One of my sons wants to be a police officer. This isn’t the worst he’ll encounter, but it shows attitudes that are all too common.

  2. The First Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation: Desire a love of humility. Think of the humility of the Blessed Virgin Mary when the angel Gabriel greet her with these words, “Hail, full of grace.”

  3. Don,

    You don’t understand. She is the ex-Ethics Commissioner for the Port Authority. She knows all the right people. She is of the ruling class. Others answer to her and she has the right to demand others serve her.

    Besides, these are cops. Worse, white males and probably heterosexual. Thus they oppress women and minorities.

    Worse still, they probably voted for Trump and are thus the lowest of the Deplorables.

    They deserved it!

  4. True Phillip. Serfs just don’t know their places these days! It is interesting how much of contemporary Leftism boils down to excuses for upper class, economically speaking only, whites to pour vials of hate and scorn on lower class, once again only in economic terms, whites and feel virtuous while doing so.

  5. The shame belongs to the ex-commissioner.
    Pathetic and truly sad this blow hard.
    “They” ruined the holiday…lol.

  6. This is exhibit A for making the case exposing the pomposity, arrogant, “bow before me” mindset of the typical urban leftist. Unfortunately, by comparison, this woman is tame. My work takes me into the belly of the beast of NYC, Seattle, & San Francisco amongst many others; we are headed for a very dark period of human history. I already see the writing on the wall where my “services are no longer needed” as my Catholicism and politics are not in compliance with whatever the standard du jour is. This even though I never speak in a work environment of them unless prompted. Sad Times.

  7. My favorite “Do you know who I am?” is Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s in Pride and Prejudice- below. I am also reminded of Teddy Kennedy’s famous one butting in line once in an airport when questioned, no doubt, by someone who voted for him. When he got to the Pearly Gates and used that “Do you know who I am” elitist ploy, I am certain St. Peter replied, “Oh, yes, we know exactly who your are. So does Mary Jo.” Guy McClung, Texas, TBFC

    * TBFC- take your pick:

    Terror Blogger For Christ
    Truth Blogger For Christ

    “This is not to be borne. Miss Bennet, I insist on being satisfied. Has he, has my nephew, made you an offer of marriage?”

    “Your ladyship has declared it to be impossible.”

    “It ought to be so; it must be so, while he retains the use of his reason. But your arts and allurements may, in a moment of infatuation, have made him forget what he owes to himself and to all his family. You may have drawn him in.”

    “If I have, I shall be the last person to confess it.”

    “Miss Bennet, do you know who I am? I have not been accustomed to such language as this. I am almost the nearest relation he has in the world, and am entitled to know all his dearest concerns.”

    “But you are not entitled to know mine; nor will such behaviour as this, ever induce me to be explicit.”

    “Let me be rightly understood. This match, to which you have the presumption to aspire, can never take place. No, never. Mr. Darcy is engaged to my daughter. Now what have you to say?”

    “Only this; that if he is so, you can have no reason to suppose he will make an offer to me.”

  8. Two municipal court judges in Rochester wrecked their careers by attempting to pull rank on police officers. (One had a history of doing so to private citizens as well).

  9. With today’s surveillance state, my initial reaction is amazement that anyone could be stupid enough to mouth off like this to police. She had to know there were either dash cams or body cams involved, right? And her language and tone are so predictable that it almost sounds scripted.

    But I guess my next thought is that people like her are so arrogant, so unbelievably out of touch, that they *know* they could be filmed and could not care less. The latter is a dangerous indictment of our current situation.

  10. Since she can’t use the “race” card she’ll be tweeting #MeToo soon. Or some other cause/excuse to explain her appalling display.

  11. She appeared buzzed to me. The actions of someone who is trying to appear sober….the disorganization of speech in general and repetition of sentences, intimidation of the police officer and unsteadiness on her feet when she dropped something.. Good riddance. The police officers showed great restraint.

  12. She is so typical of what I hated about living on the East Coast.

    almost eight years ago I was driving to the EWTN event in Canton, Ohio. I was on Route 43 in Hartville, Ohio and I caught myself speeding. I saw the police officer at an intersection behind me and I knew I had been busted. I immediately pulled over in the first parking lot. I shut off the car, lowered the window, had my license, registration and insurance proof in one hand and the keys in the other so the policeman could see my hands. My son was two and a half and knew how to get out of his car seat….and promptly did.

    My wife tried to interrupt the officer, after which I told her to let the officer do his job and then ask her question – to which he added that that was very good advice.

    End of story – I got a speeding ticket, the only one I have ever got. The officer thanked me for being polite and asked me if I was ex-military. I told him no, I am just an accountant – and a bald one at that (I have done Howie Mandel for Halloween). My best friend is a retired federal air marshal and a cousin was an MP in the Air Force. Never argue with an officer when pulled over. You can have a chance in court if you believe the officer is wrong.

  13. Penguins Fan-Thank you for your service as an accountant! God bless you and always keep you and yours safe in the palm of His hand.

    All: have a fullofwonder Sun Day – and same blessing on all. Guy McClung, Texas

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