PopeWatch: Alfie Evans

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Sandro Magister notes the weasel words and worse used by some high clerics in regard to Alfie Evans:


At the Vatican and in the Catholic hierarchy, however, the voices are not unanimous. Pope Francis has spoken out in clear words in defense of Alfie’s life, especially after the audience granted to his father on the morning of Wednesday, April 18. But his protege Vincenzo Paglia, president of the pontifical academy for life – already the author last March 9 of an interview in which he completely agreed with Judge Hayden – issued on Sunday April 22, at the height of the struggle between the child’s parents and the British judicial and medical institutions, a highly ambiguous statement in which the search for consensus, whatever may be the solution adopted, is made to prevail over the truth and justice of the solution itself:

“Considering all the difficulties and possible solutions being considered as circumstances progress, we believe it is very important that everyone work together in the most collaborative way possible. Only by seeking agreement between all parties – a loving alliance of parents, relatives, and medical team – will it be possible to reach the best solution for helping baby Alfie in this dramatic moment of his life.”

Not to mention the holing up of the archdiocese of Liverpool, and – something even more serious – the Pilatesque statement of April 18 from the episcopal conference of England and Wales, headed by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, which simultaneously agrees with everyone and no one:

“We affirm our conviction that all those who are and have been taking the agonising decisions regarding the care of Alfie Evans act with integrity and for Alfie’s good as they see it.”

On Tuesday, April 25, Alfie’s parents presented yet another appeal, this time against the ban issued the day before by Judge Hayden against transferring the child to another hospital. The hearing took place in London, in the afternoon, in front of three judges presided over by the new head of the Family Division of the high court of England and Wales, Andrew McFarland.

In the evening, the court rejected both the appeal of Tom Evans against the ban on transferring Alfie to Italy and the appeal of Kate James for the freedom of movement guaranteed by the European convention on human rights, and confirmed that Alder Hey Children’s Hospital can proceed according to what was decided in the previous rulings:

> L’alleanza tra giudici e medici per far morire Alfie

Meanwhile, “little warrior” Alfie is breathing, he is alive. He has been baptized and anointed. His life and his future, Pope Francis has said, are in the hands of God, not of those who want to replace him. It is the Easter season, and for this child the tomb is empty. Like that of Jesus.


Go here to read the rest.  Any Catholic who is not on the side of the parents in their struggle to keep the State from killing their child, needs to take a very long, hard look in the mirror.

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  1. What Alder Hey Hospital is doing to Alfie Evans is NO different than abortion.

  2. Don, pardon me, but here again is my comment today in the UK Sun re the case of a man in India who has not gained weight since as a toddler he got to 11 pounds. Note-it may be that, if Alfie makes it alive to 9 May, he will have a claim in UK courts that the Alder Hey Killers and Harvesters caused his condition due to VACCINES they gave Alfie. Guy McClung, Texas

    “This is why India needs an Alder Hey Killing Fields Hospital. And a British Natl kILLING Service to take the baby- which in Great (really?) Britain would be the property of the state – away from these incompetent moms and dads, to the Alder Hey Hospital & Baby Parts Store, there for harvesting and killing with compas$$ion; for not only all the monetary savings, not only saving$s to the stupid, non-owning parents, but to society as a whole (hole?). Hey, Hey Alder Hey, how many parts have you sold today? Hey, Hey Alder Hey, how many kids you killed today?Hey Hey Alder Hey, how many vaccines gone wrong today ? Hey Hey Alder Hey how much you feed Alfie today? Guy McClung, Texas”

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