Taco Appropriation

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From The Babylon Bee:


IRVINE, CA—Cultural appropriators in America, you’ve just been put on notice. Fast-Food giant Taco Bell has announced that from now on it will only serve customers of Mexican descent to ensure that “everyone stays in their lanes.”


Patrons will be asked to show proof of their Mexican heritage at the drive-thru window or dine-in counter, and anyone who doesn’t meet the stringent racial standards won’t be able to partake in Taco Bell’s authentic Mexican cuisine.

Great job, Taco Bell! It’s important for restaurants to make sure that people of different ethnicities are not experiencing each other’s cultures, or harmfully colonizing fast food.


Go here to read the rest.  I knew this was going to happen long ago:



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  1. Great satire. Of all the myriad stupidities of the modern Left, this one may be the most stupid.

  2. If the “pretend” right in the GOP wanted to take them out of this, all they need to do is define it daily as what it is–segregation–the evil that the left supposedly fought for decades. Maybe by rallying against the Democrats latest form of segregating the races they might pick up even more black voters who’ll tire of the left’s racial abuse.

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