Trump Knows a Bad Deal When He Sees It

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President Trump killed the Iran deal today which was a good deal for Iran and its program of gaining nuclear weapons, and a terrible deal for the US.  This minor league Munich agreement was Obama’s desperate attempt to have a foreign policy legacy, and I am pleased that Trump has ended this bizarre appeasement of the mullahs:



That the Iranians have been cheating cannot be doubted:



The sad thing about all this is that most government officials knew that Iran was cheating and they didn’t care.  Trump does.

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  1. Already the msm is going nuclear with garbage-y hysteria when their President is doing all to protect them, too. Objectivity got lost at msm, as well as at ‘higher education’ institutions. Ten long years of vetting reading material for something objective is a ‘hoo boy’. I hope for the strength and clarity of President Trump, and am not alone in this hope.

  2. And where does the Catholic Church stand on this?

    There is no direct moral situation involved in it; they don’t have authority to have a stance on it.

    Not that it will even slow down folks who want to hijack the prudential judgement of individuals in the Church as an official teaching…..

  3. “And where does the Catholic Church stand on this?”

    The current powers that be at the Vatican would no doubt proclaim that utopia would be just around the corner if all weapons in the World were simply banned. Get silly enough and no one listens anymore and the Pope is well down that path.

  4. Fortitude on display. Prudence. Love for peace in the world in which we live. And the man is hated.

    I found out recently we get UTube directly on TV at home though Comcast. I went straight to the full copy of the President’s speech in HD, and bypassed all the stupid talking heads on the MSM. Excellent, that and fortitude on display.

  5. “..most government officials didn’t care….Trump does.” That’s it in a nutshell. I believe Trump actually cares about this nation. Very few in Washington actually do. No Democrats actually do. God bless President Trump.

  6. The hysteria on msn and aol continues – about the Iran deal and anything else Trump does. His accomplishments are always reported with a negative slant.
    Trump should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Not that it means anything anymore. So obvious when Obama received the prize before he was even inaugurated. Even BHO said that he didn’t know why he received it.
    Prayers continue for President Trump, Vice President Pence and their families.

  7. And where does the Catholic Church stand on this?

    Thoughts on topical questions aren’t part of the ordinary magisterium.

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