Know Your Enemy: Japan

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Produced by the Army in 1945 and narrated by actor Walter Huston, Know Your Enemy: Japan, directed by Frank Capra, helped explain to a war weary America why it was going to be a fight to the finish against the Japanese militarists.  Mercifully Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought the War to a conclusion before it became necessary for an American invasion of the Home Islands which would have almost certainly involved a million American casualties and tens of millions of Japanese casualties.  If you want to place yourself into the mind of the average American in 1945 as to the showdown with the Empire of Japan, this film is an excellent starting point.  Ironically the film was released on August 9, 1945 and quickly pulled from circulation due to the Japanese surrender.



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  1. *searches for Frank Capra*
    THAT is why I knew this film existed– it’s mentioned every few years in “It’s a wonderful life” articles. Probably at least one of them by you. 🙂
    From IMDB, all the War Department films he did, 42-45.
    Here Is Germany (Documentary) (uncredited)
    Your Job in Germany (Documentary short)
    Know Your Enemy – Japan (Documentary) (uncredited)
    War Comes to America (Documentary) (uncredited)
    Two Down and One to Go (Documentary short)
    The Battle of China (Documentary) (uncredited)
    Divide and Conquer (Documentary) (uncredited)
    The Battle of Britain (Documentary) (uncredited)
    The Nazis Strike (Documentary short) (uncredited)
    The Battle of Russia (Documentary) (uncredited)
    Prelude to War (Documentary) (uncredited)

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