Gracious Lady

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Back in 2008 I voted for John McCain solely for two reasons:


  1.  Obama was worse.
  2.  Sarah Palin.

Palin has responded nobly to the news that the dying John McCain has stated in his current memoir that he regrets putting her on the ticket:


At first Palin said she was ‘frustrated’ with Trump for not having a lighter touch with McCain.

Then she stopped and said a better word would be ‘disappointment’ because Trump has been ‘disparaging Sen. McCain – his record, his history as a veteran – when we don’t know all the details of all those years that Sen. McCain made sacrifices for this country as a POW.’…

‘In spite of everything that has erupted in these past days with his spokesperson – or perhaps he himself – saying that he regrets that they chose me to run on their ticket,’ she said, ‘despite all that, he has been my friend.’

Go here to read the rest.  Political fortune is fleeting, like most things in this vale of tears, but character remains for a person of true integrity.  Sarah Palin has always been a class act.

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  1. “Sarah Palin has always been a class act.”

    Amen. Which is one reason why the left hates her with such intensity.

  2. De mortuis nil nisi bonum. However, he draws sufficient breath to stick his foot in his mouth.

    The Dems treated McCain far worse than Trump or any WH staffer’s off-the-record comment.

    I think McCain’s disinviting from his funeral the President sums up his public life and legacy.

    Here is a comment by former US Navy jet pilot re: Senator McCain.

    “This last act of classlessness is simply par for the course for McCain’s career. From leaving his crippled wife for a large-breasted, blond beer heiress to selling out to Charlie Keating, from supporting illegal immigration to providing the critical vote to sustain ObamaCare, McCain has been a pox upon humanity and the body politic.” […]

    “In any event, we’ll certainly take the time to stop by McCain’s final resting place…[deleted]. We’re of the opinion whatever gratitude McCain deserved for his involuntary suffering was dissipated long ago. Still, we don’t wish him ill; rather we hope he’ll go gently…and quietly…into that good night.”

    Re: war hero: The US Government needs to send a bill to his estate for the three or four jet fighters (aside from the one he was shot down in) that he wrecked in his Navy career, which, if not for his four-star admiral grandfather and a four-star admiral father he would not have had.

    Finally, I’m old enough to remember. He and his “hot” jet were on the deck of the USS Forrestal when some hot-shot pilot let off a missile or a bomb that set off a massive fire – killed 132 sailors. Was it him? Some say.

    In any case, McCain is what the sailor men would call a “Jonah.”

  3. Although I am not a big fan of Sarah Palin, due in large part to her post 2008 indefensible shilling for John McCain, she was the reason why his loss to Obama was only by 7 points as opposed to 10 to 15 point blowout it would have been otherwise. His public disparaging of her now is typical McCain, classless.

  4. It should be remembered that many of John McCain’s flaws are likely the result of PTSD, for which the North Vietnamese can be blamed.

  5. He ditched the first wife soon enough back, did he not? The wife who suffered through his captivity and raised the children alone.

  6. It doesn’t take long online to discover recollections offered by former shipmates and colleagues of Sen. McCain which paint a most unflattering portrait of him long before his captivity in North Vietnam. If in fact he suffers from PTSD, then he deserves sympathy, as he does for his cancer. Whether that in any way mitigates his cruel and egotistical behavior toward others since his release is beyond my expertise, but he seems to have acted that way before his capture as well.

  7. I’m in complete agreement with the comments mentioning Sarah Palin’s high road response to McCain’s statement. A class act indeed.
    On this Mother’s day may she receive roses from above.
    For all Mom’s frequenting TAC. God bless you too. Roses from the heavenly garden be yours today. Thanks for being open to Life and the sacredness thereof.

  8. I, too, voted for McCain for the same reasons as Mr. McClarey. Sarah Palin did not deserve the scorn and ridicule she received from the media. I am reminded of this video by Bill Whittle and though it is 9 years old, it is still so very relevant. At about 5 minutes in he really nails what she brought to the ticket.

  9. George H, Thanks for a very worthwhile 12:57.
    My vote for the McCain/Palin ticket was for her and against Obama. She is a dynamic speaker in person. Disgraceful the way Sarah Palin and her family were treated by the left media. Even worse by the McCain campaign and some of the GOP.

  10. Totally respect Sen. McCain’s military service and POW-status, and also judge his comments at present as clouded by his not-optimistic medical diagosis and treatment.

    However, as an Arizonan for 18 years (1992-2010), and closely connected with those who were even more closely connected to the McCain ship, am not surprised by his comments aimed at Sarah Palin, comments so richly undeserved by Palin. The center of John McCain III’s life for a long, long time has been…John McCain. The most polite thing I can say, based on some eye-popping stories I wont mention obviously at this point, is that he is a very difficult, difficult man and readily given to summary unkindness to others—family, staffers, political allies even.

    One hopes he will get a chance to start focusing on the meeting with the Almighty ahead, and looking inward in the precious few days left to him, instead of (it seems to me) still acting out “The Maverick” role for the Wash Post and the NYT.

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