PopeWatch: Met Gala Blasphemy

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Raymond Arroyo gives both barrels to the Met Gala profanation of Catholicism with the blessing of the Vatican:



Catholicism as low camp.  Rather like members of the SS parading the clothes worn by Orthodox Jews.  The idea that the Vatican had no clue this was going to occur is farcial.  The Church is led by clowns, fools and worse.





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  1. The woman mocking Our Lady of Sorrows is actually a witch. Despite this and other such examples, Cardinal Dolan said he didn’t see anything that was blasphemous or sacrilegious. Jesus wept. Or, maybe, he would cleanse the Temple again and it would be that clown Dolan on the other end of a knotted up chord.

  2. Conformity to the things of this world is easier when the Church is in bed with the State. The precious tax exempt status has become a form of worship. It’s an explanation, not necessarily a truth but more of a hunch, that might hold sway on opinions of clergy. Enter Dolan.

  3. This is so baffling! After the past five years how can anyone be shocked by this? Far worse is taking place every Sunday, if not daily, not only from the pulpits but Sacramentally.

  4. Only two possibilities – our prelates who sanctioned this are dumber than a ball of cat hair, or they are in on it. While I won’t necessarily discount the former, my money is on the latter.

  5. Events like the Met Gala, led by high stepping, jolly Cardinal Dolan, reminds me of the Jewish revelry surrounding the Golden calf, led by the High Priest Aaron.

    God in His justice and mercy sent those who did not repent directly to hell: “Whoever has sinned against Me, I will blot out of My book”. He gave them the chance to choose. Then he cut His enemies down with a sword and the plague. And at judgement, their names were no longer in the Book Of Life.

    The world is suffering and needs a Light. It does not need another dancer in the darkness. God bless Mr. Arroyo. Brave, righteous man. The laity will remain faithful.

  6. If the Met gala made fun of Jews, Muslims, Latinos, homosexuals or atheists the screams would shatter glass. Oh, but the Catholic Church is an easy and convenient target and we can all count on the Catholic Bishops to defend the Church……oh, wait.

    Remember when +Dolan was considered to be one of the “good” bishops? He reminds me of a joke from the Transformers cartoon of the mid 1980s. “You couldn’t lead a pack of rats to a garbage can.”

    We have no choice but to persevere. Poland was partitioned for 123 years, then attacked by the Red Army in 1920….but survived. We will, too.

  7. A word on taxation of the church. The church is held in trust for all generations. The state cannot tax people not yet begotten, although it may try. The parishioners have paid their fair share of taxes as citizens. To tax the Church, the parishioners would be taxed twice, two taxes, one vote. Taxation without representation.

  8. Remember when +Dolan was considered to be one of the “good” bishops?

    He was hired to clean up the mess left by embezzler / fellator / cathedral wrecker Rembert Weakland. Margaret Steinfels’ beau ideal of a ‘good bishop’.

  9. Thank you Mary for clearing up my hunch on tax exempt status.
    Your explanation is appreciated.

  10. Don’t have much time for May Crowning’s, Living Rosary, or keeping Catholic schools open. I’m getting so sick of it. Again, Mass, Adoration and Penance. Forget the “forgive them Father they know not what they do”. No, they know exactly what they’re doing.

  11. Yes unfortunately they know exactly what they are doing. Everything from Our Lady to Our Lord in the tabernacle was mocked at this event. But they wouldn’t dare to it to Muslims or Jews. Catholic mockery posing as High fashion. And not one Catholic insight. All secular Jews, occult worshipers, Democratic “Christians” and liberal left fundamentalists. And not a peep from the Vatican condemning the mockery. There was more outcry in the comment section of the tabloid news sites than there was from the Church. Which means the mockery will only get worse as the years go on because there is no authority to hold anyone accountable for respecting Our Faith.

  12. Admission to the Met Museum of Art Gala for the Cardinal and each accompanying member of his entourage, presumably his secretary and perhaps some other assistants or functionaries, was $30,000 a head.

    Your collection dollars at work.

  13. Cardinal Dolan: “You may be asking, what is the cardinal archbishop of New York doing here? I asked that when I was invited several months ago,’’ he joked

    “But think about it just for a moment,” he continued. “It’s because the Church and the Catholic imagination—the theme of this exhibit—are all about three things: truth, goodness and beauty. That’s why we’re into things such as art, culture, music, literature and, yes, even fashion.’’

    There are no words.

  14. ….And in comparison you have Cardinal Pell being falsely accused of abuse, forced to Fundraise for his trial and dragged through the mud everyday in the media in Australia. Defamed and humiliated. Being used as a scapegoat by every living being who hates the Church. And not a peep of support from a single member of the Vatican beauracracy. Not the Pope. Not a fellow Cardinal. Certainly not Dolan. His only support are the Faithful and loyal Catholic laity whom he has lovingly served for decades.

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