But the Problem is the Evil NRA!

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Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school shooter, had a long history of disciplinary problems at the high school he later shot up, disciplinary problems that were ignored due to a program to avoid having minority students (Blacks and Hispanics) sent to the criminal justice system.  This is after months of Broward County school officials denying that he was in the so-called Promise Program.


Runcie had insisted that Cruz was not in the Promise program, but he did an abrupt shift this week and said Cruz had been referred to it in 2013 for vandalizing a bathroom. Cruz did not complete the three-day stint, the district said, but administrators haven’t said why.

A couple of months later, he was sent to a special school for children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. As a tot, he was found to be developmentally delayed and had been considered a special needs child in school, entitled to certain services and protections under law.

Some parents and community leaders have criticized the superintendent for misleading the public about Cruz, and the school district appears not to be able to make sense of all of the records it has on him.

“To me, it’s an indication that the various discipline programs in place at the district are confusing, poorly implemented and executed, and clearly if we take the district at its statement, they’ve been difficult to track,” said Ryan Petty, whose daughter Alaina was one of 17 people shot to death in Cruz’s Valentine’s Day massacre. “If the records are this difficult to find, clearly it would be difficult to know whether this is helping students or not.”

Despite Cruz’s history of discipline problems, neither the schools nor police ever steered him to the justice system.

A video on social media shows him with a bullet at school. Police reports have him batting his elderly mother with a vacuum hose, destroying property and pulling a gun on her and his brother.

On Feb. 5, 2016, the Broward Sheriff’s Office got an anonymous call that Cruz posted on Instagram that he “planned to shoot up the school.” He was never disciplined or charged, even though it’s a felony in Florida for someone to threaten to “discharge any destructive device” with the intent to harm someone.


Go here to read the rest.  There were a whole host of red flags indicating that Cruz was a seriously deranged kid who was a potential danger to others, and they were all ignored.  Far easier to blame guns than to admit that we have  highly expensive education and justice systems that perform about as well as the Keystone Kops when it comes to protecting others from potentially dangerous lunatics.

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  1. There is no truth. There is no right. There is no wrong. There is only the liberal narrative.

    Thank Obama and his imbecilic adulators.

    The courts (America’s actual rulers) have ruled that statistical evidence of differences/disparate impacts – the effects tests – are proof of illegal, racial discrimination.

    Ergo, minority maniacs, like N. Cruz, are counseled not incarcerated. And 17 people are murdered.

    They’re doing the same thing in NYC re: marijuana arrests. Because 90% of arrests are minorities, the NYPD is discriminating and must desist arresting blacks and Hispanics, or start arresting more whites.

  2. As regards the NRA; what crime has the NRA committed? Who in the NRA has committed crimes with guns. Name them and prosecute them. Smearing an entire group of NRA members because some do not like our Second Amendment is unconstitutional. Corruption of Blood and Bills of Attainder are dealt with in our Constitution.
    The cowardly security guard who refused to enter the building and stop Cruz is retiring with a $100,000.00 pension for hiding in the face of danger.

  3. My guess is the recent shooting in Sante Fe, Tx, will reveal similarly ignored red flags. It may be a while before we find out, but it would not surprise me.

  4. Well, they’re already spinning like crazy to dismiss the stuff that HE said was his motivation for things on the “trench coat,” and even his chosen descriptions.

    It’s freaking pathetic when a teenage loser can identify a medal more accurately than the media. (The could’ve hit Wikipedia, but nooooo, so much more fun to declare it’s a Nazi symbol, even though the ribbon color is totally wrong, and ignoring a lack of embossing. Black and white is the standard Iron Cross, which is German but not Nazi; it’s also on everything from skateboarding and bicycling gear motor cycle jackets.)

    I’m surprised they haven’t declared the pocketwatch is a symbol of something.

    Loser’s own words:
    Duster Hammer and Sickle = Rebellion
    Rising Sun = Kamikaze Tactics
    Iron Cross = Bravery
    Baphomet = Evil
    Cthulhu = Power

    The hammer and sickle are in an inverted, five-point star. I don’t know enough Soviet symbols to know if that means something.

    I do know that rain jacket “duster” suggests someone who was trying to find his place…and the media handed him one.
    He didn’t have to take it, this isn’t a defense– just an observation that people live off of stories, especially when they’re looking for where they fit, and the one they promoted sucked.

    We’ll probably find out that he was actually bullied– basically, that he was exactly what the media sketches the Columbine losers to be. Really good chance of having been prescribed meds, and even bigger one that he wasn’t taking them any more. (If he was, then it’s a possible mitigating factor.)

  5. Go here to read the rest. There were a whole host of red flags indicating that Cruz was a seriously deranged kid who was a potential danger to others, and they were all ignored. Far easier to blame guns than to admit that we have highly expensive education and justice systems that perform about as well as the Keystone Kops when it comes to protecting others from potentially dangerous lunatics.

    Well, school officials are doing what they want (confusing education with social work) and police are doing what local politicians are insisting they do (confusing law enforcement with social work). Here’s a suggestion: commission police to do the work they’re trained to do, strip judges of the discretion to replace punishment with social work, fire the aspirant social workers in the school administration, turn the incorrigibles over to the Sheriff’s department because all you’re accomplishing in having them in school is making other people miserable, and remind purveyors of the talking cure and other manipulative exercises that their ability to accomplish anything is dependent on the alternative being punishment for their clientele.

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