PopeWatch: Twittering Nuns

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The Vatican has issued new guidelines for cloistered nuns, reminding them that they’re supposed to live separated from the world and in silence — and therefore shouldn’t be tweeting too much or downloading too much news.

The instructions from the Vatican’s office for religious orders cover a host of administrative and financial issues. Included are norms for when a monastery must be closed because the number of nuns shrinks to the point that the community is no longer viable — an increasingly frequent occurrence.


Go here to read the rest.  Presumably the same rules would apply to monks.  Social media tends to have a pernicious impact on quite a few people.  In regard to religious, PopeWatch suspects that social media acts as a solvent, dissolving the desire of many to live apart from the world.  If the world is with you 24-7, the battle against the world, the flesh and the Devil is lost before it begins.  A sobering thought for those of us who live in the world.

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