PopeWatch: Mirrors are Overated!

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Phil Lawler explains how to be a respected Catholic journalist in the age of Francis:

  • Wake up, shower, have a good cup of coffee, and jump on Twitter.
  • Begin the day by denouncing any criticism of Pope Francis. (You’ll want these tweets posted early in the morning, East Coast time—right about when Vatican officials break for lunch.)
  • Next, denounce anyone who has dared to disagree with your analyses of Vatican statements.
  • Don’t just disagree; impugn the integrity of your adversaries. Question their motivations.
  • Accuse them of calumny, blasphemy, and schism.
  • Demand retractions. Threaten lawsuits.
  • Then, to close out a busy day, deliver a magisterial lecture on how Catholic commentators must learn to disagree politely.

Go here to read the rest.  Additionally one must learn, if male, to shave without looking directly in the mirror, and, if female, to apply makeup without looking directly in the mirror.


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  1. Haven’t heard much from the respected(?) on the “Francis Effect” of late, perhaps it’s just too difficult or “confusing”.

  2. In other words, to be a respected Catholic journalist in this age of Bergo, one must follow the Communist Saul Alinsky book “Rules for Radicals” to a “T”.

  3. James-It actually is Rules For Rulers, because those who invoke and implement its programs, and/or pogroms, end up ruling. He who cheats the most at Monopoly, usually wins. Just ask the ST Gallen Mafia. But then, their underlings read the Rules, and the cycle repeats itself. Those perverts and demons who have taken over some earthly power in the Church follow those rules to the letter-especially the one about using the people’s morality against them to gain and then maintain power. No wonder these perverts waltzing around our churches in flowing robes stay in power. No wonder Alinksy’s rules refer to Lucifer as the first revolutionary. Since the current perverts and demons of the Vatican cannot act out of any true loyalty or love, it is about time for them to start thinking of each of them as the new fake pontiff, i,.e, whether true or not, in their evil they will want to elevate themselves, which translates to Jorge Bergoglio resigning or dying. You heard it here first. In terms of the perverts and demons controlling Jorge, they will voice their hidden elevation-of-self agendas in terms of 1. he has outlived his church-destroying usefulness; and 2. he is no longer effective in annihilating Jesus’s true followers. This due to the fact that too many folks are figuring it all out. You also heard it here first: within 2000 days Jorge B will be canonized by whoever is successful in overthrowing him. Guy McClung, Texas

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