PopeWatch: Ireland

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Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Ireland in August.  On May 25 a referendum is being held in Ireland on whether the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution banning abortion will be repealed.  The chattering classes in Ireland are almost unanimous in their pro-abort sentiment which makes it remarkable that the pro-life forces have been keeping the election close.  Pope Francis could be influential in the outcome.  In this post we will review all statements by the Pope in regard to the referendum:




That’s it!  Thanks for reading all of it.

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  1. In Cicero’s words, “Cum tacent, clamant”. For such an ordinarily garrulous man to choose to remain silent at a time when
    his words could make a difference… that silence speaks volumes.

    In the past, Francis has spoken out about various nations’ politics,
    so I don’t think his silence in this matter can be explained away with
    the excuse that this Pope wants to remain aloof from Ireland’s
    political affairs. His underwhelming support for the pro-life forces
    is deliberate.

  2. He had no problem telling American voters that building a wall was not Christian, or telling the world to use less air conditioning. Saying something to stem the ongoing holocaust? Well, we already know he thinks we talk about that too much.

  3. He is a man of low character. I’d be surprised if he didn’t betray the pro-life forces in Ireland.

  4. The preemptive war against overpopulation would not meet Thomas Aquinas’ definition of war. The murder of the Holy Innocents goes on. The justice the innocent souls present for the state is destroyed. Maybe Pope Francis does not know the difference between innocence and guilt.

  5. He’s quite active in supporting pro-refugee admission laws in Italy.
    But he still hasn’t shut down a euthanasia facility being run on church property in Belgium.

    And the world loves him.

  6. I have no expectations that the present ones in the Vatican will speak the truth on moral issues.

  7. I will give in to my own pettiness and tell you I think he disdains the Irish as much as he does America. He swipes at Trump and at America. The Irish reputation for being Catholic stalwarts may frustrate him. He probably would not have approved those from the Celtic part of France who opposed the French Revolution. …and anyway people can make up their own minds –
    “And I repeat it here. Everyone has his own idea of good and evil and must choose to follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them. That would be enough to make the world a better place.” from Scalfari

  8. I had a life-long dream of going to Ireland and to walk where my ancestors trod.

    [Sarcasm alert.]

    It’s OK! He really cares about unlimited government power; death penalty; unilateral disarmament; appeasement over Islamic human rights outrages and massacres; immigration; minorities; the environment.

  9. Pope Francis does not believe in the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, the sinlessness of the Mother of God from the very first moment of her existence, he choosing rather to believe that sovereign personhood is endowed at birth by the state.
    Pope Francis does not believe in the moral and legal innocence of the newly begotten soul of the sovereign person.
    The Land of St. Patrick, the leprechauns and the clover is over.
    Our Lady of Knock, pray for us.

  10. Mary, I’m thinking of a nocturnal visit by a banshee.
    It’s May 25th in Ireland now. The Irish voters need our prayers to vote against repeal of their 8th Amendment. Memorares!.

  11. Cam:
    Rosaries, rosaries, rosaries. Darby O’Gill and the Little People, Walt Disney’s 1959 film about leprechauns and banshees is truly lovely, especially the comments about how the movie was made at the end, how the leprechauns got to earth. You will enjoy it as I have.
    If Ireland loses its innocence and its Posterity, it will be a day for mourning.

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