The Hitchens Brothers on Abortion

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Peter Hitchens is a Christian and conservative.  His late brother Christopher was a socialist and an atheist, but on abortion he and his brother largely agreed:

You don’t need to be a conservative or a Christian to oppose abortion.  You just need eyes and a heart.


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  1. The Hippocratic Oath has not been in use since Roe v. Wade and since medical students are being forced to perform abortions in medical school, thus denying people access to the scientific truth of DNA and ultrasound.

  2. Mary

    I would add that Hippocratic oath was abandoned before Roe verse Wade. Attached is a link to a series of talks by Dr. John Patrick regarding the Hippocratic oath’s origin, and application of it to medical practices. Dr. Patrick makes the point that in the ancient world the sorcerer and healer was the same person; the purpose of the oath was to separate healers from killers. There are many talks in the series and if you are interested in listening I recommend starting with “Hope for the Unborn”.

    Many abortions were performed prior to Roe verse Wade and someone in a restricted state could travel to another state. But even in restricted states abortions were not uncommon. The horror stories about back alley abortions are greatly exaggerated, while modern abortion providers often have poor surgical skills and high rates of serious complications. Few local governments would allow other surgical clinics to operate under similar conditions. What Roe verse Wade accomplished was to increase the killing of the unborn to an industrial scale.

    I attended a government Medical School where elective abortions were banned because of the Hyde Amendment. I’m not sure about medical students forced to perform abortions in other institutions, but there was a young physician who I once worked with who took a sadistic delight in telling me how many abortions he assisted with as medical student. Perhaps as disturbing as the thought of medical students being coerced to perform abortions is that there are medical students eager to participate in a procedure that returns the medical practitioner to the status of healer or executioner.

  3. Patrick:
    Thank you for the link.
    My mother was offered an abortion for each of her children. I was second. Roe v. Wade was done to force the taxpayers to pay for abortion. The Immaculate Conception came to tell us that a human being begins to exist at conception, that is, fertilization.
    What science through DNA and ultrasound has brought to the medical community cannot be denied.
    The Hippocratic oath may be used now to separate the healer from the killer. “first do no harm”
    Sin is the love of evil (Father Mitch Pacwa)

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