Not All Priests in Ireland Are Eunuchs

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This took some courage considering the worthless hierarchy in Ireland:


According to the Adrian Kennedy & Jeremy Dixon talk show on 98Fm, a Dublin priest in the area of Dublin 14/16 told the congregation attending Mass on Sunday morning that if people voted yes in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment then they had no business going up to the alter to receive Holy Communion.

The Church is very clear in its teachings on the crime against the unborn baby where they say “thou shalt not kill”.


Go here to read the rest.  Catholicism and courage are a potent combination.  Since Vatican II the Church has been sorely lacking in both.

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  1. :Not all priests in Ireland are eunuchs.” a graceful way of saying that all priests in Ireland who cannot oppose abortion on demand are.
    The altar is a place of consecration. The alter is the other, ego, change, place etc.

  2. A sad day. I hoped it was not going to turn out this way, but to be fair, I doubt there is a single western country that would have voted differently, save for a few Eastern European strongholds. I have tasted my last Guinness; I have celebrated my last St. Patrick’s Day.

  3. Like a spoiled brat who insists on his own way so goes the abortion hungry inhabitants of Ireland. A chastisement will befall mankind. It’s just a matter of time.

    As for Catholic priests who are not enabling their flock I say “Good on ya!”
    Our parish priest politely explains to all parishioners the precepts of proper reception of Holy Communion at both Easter and Christmas when the majority of cafeteria Catholics make the semi annual trek to Church. He respects Christ and defends aginist blasphemous reception due to ignorance or malice. He also speaks clearly about abortion and political choices during election cycles.
    No eunuchs at Holy Rosary thanks be to God.

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