PopeWatch: Married Cardinal?

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Hattip to commenter Phillip.  From Rorate Caeli:


Scandalous news first broken by our Spanish-language partners at Adelante la Fe. The information has been appropriately and thoroughly checked from multiple sources on the ground.
On May 2th, 2018, Pope Francis announced that in the consistory to be celebrated on June 29 this year, Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, he will raise to the cardinalship Bp. Toribio Ticona, titular bishop of Timici and prelate emeritus of Corocoro, Bolivia. The 81-year-old bishop was born on April 25, 1937. He was ordered priest in 1967 and consecrated as Timici’s bishop and axiliary bishop of Potosí, Bolivia, on May 31st, 1986. In 1992 he was appointed prelate of Corocoro, retiring in 2012.
During his frequent visits to Oruro at the beginning of his office, the then bishop of Oruro and future Third World ideologist cardinal, Julio Terrazas Sandoval, CSsR, boasted visiting Oruro’s bishop and called him his “padrino” or sponsor, since he said he had been promoted to the bishopric thanks to Terrazas,who on several occasions as president of the Bolivian Conference of Bishops, and obviously was very influential on the other bishops and the apostoloic Nunciature.
Ticona participated in two Ad Limina visits, in 2008 and 2017. He served as alcalde, according to the local traditional customs of a 12-person community in Bolivia. During his 10-year tenure in the Corocoro prelaturre, the Catholic flock went down from 94.6% to 87.6%, while the Protestant sects’s following grew. It is a well-known fact that while he was servirng his office in Corocoro, he was living more uxorio with a lady in Oruro’s chancery. She and her children are proud to be called wife and children of  the Patacamaya bishop, as Bishop Toribio Ticona is also known.
The family of Bp. Toribio Ticona, Patacamaya bishop, lived in up to three different places of residence in Oruro.
Go here to read the rest.  PopeWatch is beyond being shocked by the antics of the Pope.
Update:  The Bishop has denied the allegations.  Go here to the twitter feed of Edward Pentin for the latest.  Pass the popcorn, as this looks to be the best Vatican soap opera of this Ponificate since the trial of Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui.



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  1. A Bishop who has been chosen by the Pope to become a Cardinal. I would wager that Pope Francis knew the status of the man’s vow of celibacy, even if he feigns now not to. Gossip has ever been a besetting sin of the Clergy.

  2. Apparently, ‘Adelante la Fe’ has shot back with signed testimonials, evidence of the children attending school listed as the good bishop’s offspring, and official confirmation of receiving these notarized documents by the Nunciature in Bolivia (even shows the official seal of the Nunciature stamping the reception of these notarized documents).

    Boy, add this to Maradiaga & it’s getting “messier”, just as His Holiness promised.

    Here is the link:



  3. Someone might think that the present pontiff seeks the most unworthy men he can find to elevate and promote. There certainly are many examples of this. And you can tell a lot about a person by their friends…

  4. He has denied having a WIFE. I’ve read nothing on any site that says he has denied having a MISTRESS. I think he is trying to be clever and be very precise in his use of language.

  5. If the man knew anything about the ordained priesthood, he would have maintained his celibacy. If the woman knew anything about God she would have maintained her virginity. Thank God for Holy Scripture and Tradition. The current scandal is a road wide open to hell.

  6. Nothing surprises us any longer about the firmly established rot in the present cardinalate-episcopate. The good bishop Ticona is in good company of those in the fellowship of men who have left nothing for Christ.

    About the same time, Abp. Jose Gomez of LA felt a need to issue a statement sua sponte (reposted from 2013, posted again May, 2018) about retired Card. Roger [the Dodger] Mahony being “a bishop in good standing” and fully qualified to celebrate [Novus Ordo] liturgy and sacraments at the LA archdiocese website.

    And by their fruits ye shall know them.. And are we surprised?

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