PopeWatch: Only Words

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Good words from the Pope:


Ideologies that do not acknowledge and uphold the dignity of human life must be resisted and the Catholic Church’s teaching on life affirmed, Pope Francis told a group of Catholic doctors Monday.

“The Church is for life, and her concern is that nothing is against life in the reality of a concrete existence, however weak or defenseless, even if not developed or not advanced,” the Pope said May 28 in the Vatican’s papal hall.

He noted the “hardships and difficulties” physicians may face when they are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, particularly when they promote and defend human life “from its conception to its natural end.”

Doctors “are called to affirm the centrality of the patient as a person and his dignity, with his inalienable rights, primarily the right to life,” he said.

“The tendency to debase the sick man as a machine to be repaired, without respect for moral principles, and to exploit the weakest by discarding what does not correspond to the ideology of efficiency and profit must be resisted.”

Pope Francis spoke with members of the International Federation of Associations of Catholic Physicians ahead of a congress on the theme of “Holiness of Life and the Medical Profession, from Humanae Vitae to Laudato Si” in Zagreb, Croatia, May 30-June 2.


Go here to read the rest.  Now what actions can we expect to back up the words?  (Please stop laughing!)


Here are a few suggestions:

  1.  Cancel the Papal trip to Ireland.
  2. Dissolve the Catholic hierarchy in Ireland as being worse than useless.
  3. Proclaim Ireland as mission territory.
  4. Order that all students, parents and teachers in Catholic schools in Ireland must sign an oath in support of the right to life from conception until natural death.
  5. Proclaim a day each month for fasting and repentance in Ireland.
  6. Begin a root and branch visitation of the Catholic Church in Ireland and expect to reduce the ranks of the priesthood by at least half.
  7. Close down all Irish seminaries.  Future Irish priests to be trained in seminaries noted for their orthodoxy.

Of course nothing like this will be done, because when it comes to the sickening dehumanization of the West through abortion and euthanasia, Pope Francis is merely paying lip service to the fight against these crimes that cry out to Heaven.

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  1. If Ireland is bad, how much worse is the US, at least depending on area?
    About the biggest upside I can find to our leadership in El Paso is that the only place that has ’em beat on the right to not have cops or anybody else come into your house, or ask you questions, is a hard-core Libertarian group.

    Not a lot of noise about either abortion or Texas’ known-to-be-abused futile care laws, though.

  2. The method of Pope Francis is to take the clear, timeless language of the Catholic Faith and make it mean something new.

  3. I am here in Ireland – and have visited the US and have many relations there – let me tell you: Ireland is way way worse than the US.
    I myself have decided to move to the UK – Ireland is a backwater beyond words.

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