Quotes Suitable for Framing: Victor Davis Hanson

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The Western world is in turmoil largely because of the widening gap between what the people see as true and the “truth” that their governing classes impose on them for the purported greater moral good. The result is a schizophrenia like that seen before the collapse of the Soviet Empire, in which no one believed that the reality they lived had anything to do with the reality delivered by the media and the state. Trumpism and popular movements in Europe are simply symptoms of another problem—that what the ruling elite said was true was often a lie.

Victor Davis Hanson

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  1. The bad part is, folks aren’t going “ah, this is a lie.” They’re going “if I declare that what *I* want to be true is true, or if I can force people to act like what I say is try is true, then I’ll be powerful and it will be!

  2. Foxfier.
    Yes… your comment is right on target. Wordsmiths abound and helps to spread the lies. Believe “your truth” is a common misnomer. The lie that there are no absolutes is another. Relativism is a cancer. The father of lies is gathering quite a camp. Too bad. Our work is ahead of us, surrounding us and we can only be successful if it’s united to God. After all it’s His work we’re about. Pray Pray Pray.

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