PopeWatch: Maradiaga

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Small peanuts when you consider everything the Cardinal is accused of, but why was he giving financial advice?

The widow of a former dean of the Vatican diplomatic corps has called on Pope Francis to intervene after she lost her life savings with a fund manager recommended to her by one of the Pope’s chief advisers.

Martha Alegria Reichmann, the widow of Alejandro Valladares who was Honduran ambassador to the Holy See for 22 years, alleges she and her husband were advised in 2012 by Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, the archbishop of Tegucigalpa, to make the investment with London-based investor Youssry Henien. 

But Henien then disappeared with all their life savings.

In this May 14 email interview with the Register, Reichmann says Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, who is coordinator of the C9 Group of Cardinals advising the Pope on curial reform, assured them that the investment was safe and that he too had invested archdiocesan money through Henien.

She explains that her motive for going public with her losses is simply to seek “justice.”

Reichmann says she is one of many victims of the Church in Honduras which, she says, is “governed by terror toward anyone who dares to question the cardinal’s bad decisions or, even more dangerously, to rub up against the auxiliary [Bishop] Juan Jose Pineda.”

The Register recently reported that Bishop Pineda, who often runs the archdiocese in the cardinal’s absence, has been accused of sexually abusing seminarians as well as financial misconduct. 

The cardinal and the bishop have yet to respond to Register inquiries about the allegations. The Vatican also has declined comment.


Go here to read the rest.  Go here for a good overview of the allegations made against the Cardinal.  Maradiaga might as well have a sign hanging around his neck saying “I’m a bad guy.”.  Judas might be the Patron Damned for all crooked clerics.


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  1. There is as much corruption in Bergoglio’s Vatican as there was in Obama’s White House. Everywhere you look, this Caudillo is showing to the world what he is really like.

  2. @Magdalene, if fact ‘all’ you really need to know can be determined by those he surrounds himself with.
    Simply amazing the sleazy cast of characters close to Francis.

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