Ten Years of TAC: 20 of my Dadisms

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(The American Catholic will observe its tenth anniversary in October.  We will be reposting some classic TAC posts of the past.  This post is from August 6, 2012.)


Ah, Dadisms, the short hand that many fathers use as they attempt to navigate life with their families.  Here are some of my favorite:



1.   Clean up this dump!

2.   You are not going outside like that!

3.   When I was young and dinosaurs ruled the earth…

4.   I’m proud of you!

5.   Always get it in writing.

6.   Can’t I trade you in for a new kid?

7.   Because I said so, that’s why!

8.   Did you ask Mom?

9.   Take this twenty, it might come in handy.

10.  Careful, there are lots of loosely wired people out there.

11.  Every night say your prayers before you go to sleep.

12.  Kindness and a sense of humor go a long way.

13.  Get a haircut Shaggy!

14.  Turn down that noise!

15.  Remember our family motto:  Get someone who knows what the devil they are doing!

16.  Smartest thing I ever did was to marry your Mom.

17.  Fight you demons fight!  I can’t stand peace!

18.  Let me know if you need help.

19.  Speak up!

20.  Christ in His mercy will see us through.  (This one I usually say silently to myself during tough times.)




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  1. Big smile here.

    #4, #18 and #7. I may have heard these three in random order within the same half hour.
    #13 and #14….all the time…1974-1979.
    Where did my hair go? Same place as my hearing I guess.

    #21. Are you for real? (My mom to me.) ..one tear.

    Thanks for the smile and tear Mr. M.

    Oh. And a very very Happy Father’s Day to All Dad’s. Hug your Parents today if you still have the opportunity. They head back to our homeland so fast.

  2. “Always keep your options open.” Translation- Always take the high road. Bad behavior will limit your future.
    New England proverbs: “I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”
    “He who works; eats.”
    “I would rather you get a zero than use someone else’s work.”
    “Honesty is the best policy.”
    “Education and training. No one can take that away from you.”
    “You can be anything you want to be.”
    ” Always be kind.”
    “Do not call anyone smelly, stupid, moron, idiot, retard, or cretin.” Dad spent summers working at Wrentham State Mental Hospital.
    Saturday nights with family watching Lawrence Welk: Directed to me at 8-10 y.o., ” Who is this gorgeous creature? May I have this dance?”
    As young adult after I came home from some dates, “He’s not for you. The guy has a weak hand shake.”
    After Sun. Mass at St Thomas Moore: “The so called Christians in the parking lot are delaying my conversion.”
    “Engaged? No one has asked me for your hand in marriage” My future husband quickly invited my dad to lunch to ask.
    “Doesn’t your mom look beautiful?”
    “Good night. Love you!”

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