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Men are so simple, and so subject to present necessities, that he who seeks to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived.

Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince




Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts explains that almost all the furor about detaining parents of kids who chose to try to illegally cross over into the US, instead of filing petitions for asylum at a port of entry, was basically caused by Leftists being Leftists:


It looks like President Trump has shifted gears. I have no idea what the details mean.  I know that there has been tremendous pressure on this in the last week or so, as it’s been compared to Trump’s Katrina, the Holocaust, Japanese Internment Camps, Slavery and Genocide.  Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, and conservatives, non-liberals as well as those on the Left have declared it a grave evil that cries out to heaven for vengeance and makes America into the new Nazi Germany.

Now, something happened yesterday morning that got me to thinking, as I am wont to do.  The local news interviewed the daughter of an undocumented immigrant (the mom’s name being Edith Espinal) who has been fighting deportation.  I say undocumented because the daughter wore a tee shirt that proudly boasted of the status (Memo: must remind my boys that they are white, traditional, Christian men; if they break the law they cannot wear a tee shirt flaunting the fact).  Anyway, the daughter was interviewed because she had been separated from her father and separately detained when they came into the country (I guess to join her Mom – I don’t know the details).  Apparently her father even came into the country legally.

Anyway, she painted a pretty bleak picture of what the kids were going through down near the border.  She said her heart broke, sort of like Rachel Maddow’s.  She felt their pain and was going to work overtime to make sure immigration reform happened because of this and many other reasons.  After all, she had been there.  Oh, and it’s worth noting that it was 2014 when her detainment went down.

And that’s what caught me.  She had this happen to her, by her own words recorded on our local news station – in 2014.  The focus, of course, was on her sympathies and experiences being detained.  I don’t know if anyone noticed the date.

I’m no great math person, but it seems like that’s not when Trump was president.  The press has spent a week calling Trump a liar, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out what he has lied about (with this at least).  The first impression was that he lied when he blamed Democrats, saying it was their bill, when it wasn’t.  But apparently there was a law that the Dems passed.  Then it seemed to be he was lying when he said this had been done before.  But apparently,  unless the girl interviewed is a liar, it has been done before.  Then it seemed they were saying he lied about having to actually do such a thing.  After all, it’s only a law, who says he has to enforce it?

I admit it’s Trump, so I’m willing to accept that he has said something that is demonstrably false.  The problem is, this is reported by the press that long ago taught me to believe it can be just as willing to stretch, twist and manipulate the truth, sometimes to the point of saying false things, as Trump ever was.  So I’m listening to one agency I don’t trust insist I must doubt a president I seldom believe.  Such is America, c. 2018.

But back to the girl.  So obviously this has been happening for some time.  According to a CBS report, the number of children separated from their parents is skyrocketing, though it admitted this has happened before now.  And yet, I never heard a thing.  Didn’t know it had happened.  I heard a few people fuss about Obama deporting immigrants back in the day, but no real comparisons to Auschwitz or calls to ban CNN for not calling him out.

You know, it almost seems like this outrage, this comparison to the pits of Hell, Himmler, the Holocaust, the Killing Fields, the Gulags, and any other horror as commentators, pundits, news anchors and delivery truck drivers all break down in tears over the unprecedented suffering of this is, well, fake. Just thespians playing their parts.

I mean, the young girl interviewed has been interviewed multiple times.  She was quite the local news celebrity last year and earlier this year when it sounded like her mom might be deported.  Her whole family, and the church that granted sanctuary, were quite the celebrities. And yet I heard nothing about her plight four years ago. Just like I heard almost nothing about the plight of many immigrants four years ago.  Or two years ago.  Or a year and a half ago.

But all of a sudden, it’s nothing other than the Great War of Satan.  It’s the death camps all over again.  We can barely mention it without our eyes discharging gallons of lachrymal fluids.  Why now? Why all of a sudden?  I mean, immigrants have had a bad way of it for some time.  They die during the journey.  Their children are harmed, raped and abused.  They starve and perish.  They’ve been separated and detained and deported before now.  Sometimes the press covered it over the last eight years.  Almost never do I remember a news anchor breaking down in tears.  I don’t remember Democrats storming the White House and asking Obama about his family.

I’m sorry, but as I consider the thousands dead from AIDS every year that are never mentioned; when I consider the fact that the biggest killer of black Americans is black Americans, but you’d never know it since it’s never mentioned; when I think of all the murder victims that aren’t killed by guns, or those cases where gun owners prevent murderous rampages and yet are seldom covered; and when I consider the fact that immigration has been a problem for decades, immigrants have suffered for decades, and we’ve been deporting and detaining them for years without nary a news anchor having an emotional breakdown, I can’t help but think it’s all just a big act.

I get creeped out thinking that the Left doesn’t give a rip about anyone, poor, minority or otherwise, unless their suffering is able to benefit the Left.  I know that sounds harsh, and I hope I’m wrong.  But sometimes you have to settle for the simplest explanation.  Trying to explain all of this in other terms just doesn’t seem to cover all the points.  It certainly would explain why, in the midst of the tears over the suffering of women and children, nobody seems to care about a well known celebrity calling for women and children to be beaten and tortured.  Then it all makes sense.


Go here to comment.  Always remember that for almost all Leftists it all comes down to a naked struggle for power.  Issues to them, with perhaps an exception for their sacred rite of abortion, are simply for them rungs on the ladder to achieve power.  Trump is a political enemy so they raised a hysteria about the phony issue of kids being separated from parents.  Obama was a political ally, so virtually nothing was heard of this issue during his eight years in office.  Machiavelli in the next world, is, no doubt, taking notes for The Prince, volume II.

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  1. I’ve been wondering that too, Ken. Apparently foreign countries are just wonderful, we can’t say anything bad about them, but sending immigrants back there is a death sentence, even though this country is filled with racist, oppressive white people just itching for a chance to kill brown folk – so wouldn’t letting them in here be a death sentence?

    I’m so confused…

  2. Nate, how dare you try to inject logic into the discussion; not that the left is interested in discussing anything.

  3. The Left and Islam are two sides to the same coin. No, they are not exact doppelgangers of each other but the similarities are striking. Both demand complete submission to the prevailing isms of each ideology. No dissent is tolerated. Lying to achieve the goals of the ideology is not just tolerated, it is expected and even demanded. Enemies are to be given the “Saul Alinsky treatment”, demeaned, defamed, publicly insulted and even attacked and murdered. There are no innocent bystanders.

    Islam has been at this longer than the Left and would utterly destroy the Left given an opportunity. The Left views Islam as an ally. Islam views the Left as useful idiots, to use a phrase from Lenin.

    Donald J. Trump is not and never has been a fierce social conservative, never an avowed enemy of the Left’s desired social outcomes, never a member of the Religious Right and never one to point a finger at others’ bad social behavior until the 2016 presidential election. Yet, the vitriol aimed at President Trump by the Left is nothing like I have seen in my life. I’m almost 55. Nixon resigned right before I turned 11 and I did not follow Watergate, which compared to what the Federal Government has done under the Clinton and Obama Administrations is a big fat nothingburger. Trump is openly hated by academia, Hollywood and the LSM with an intensity that exceeds that aimed at Reagan and Dubya combined. It’s good for us that Trump has skin as thick as a nuclear bomb shelter and has the ability to embarrass his political foes to the point of making them laughingstocks.

  4. The only standard adhered to by the Left is a double standard. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Democrats, and a majority of “Catholics”, put in office a man who voted against the infant born alive prevention act and then lied about that fact. We hear not a peep from the Left on FGM because, presumably, it is important to an anti-American, anti-Christian ally of the Left. Enough. The faux outrage is simply noise, nothing more.

  5. So, stepping back to look at the big picture, it appears that the Democrat and the Media-Left plan to run on in November is 1) Mass Hysteria 2) Mass Invasion and Population Replacement Immigration and 3) (repeat 1 & 2).

    There was a caller from South Texas on a radio show last night that had a great observation:

    The Democrat Party is like a bad cable company from hell: They don’t care about the member-subscribers; they only want you to pay your dues which always go up, and you never get any service; and after a while, they want to replace you with new subscribers because you’re simply no longer of use to them. And that is exactly what they’re doing with black Democrat urban voters, what they’re doing with white middle- and lower- class voters and with blue collar voters, and what they’re now doing with their formerly strong bloc of voters, those over age 65. They figure they’ll all be dead soon (especially with how they blew up US health care and increased the US mortality rate for the first time in nearly 20 years). They have no moral compass and no moral core.

    Discard them all, get them on Motor Voter, and replace them with the mass Invasion voter!

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