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As usual, The Babylon Bee is on target:


U.S.—After Justice Kennedy announced his retirement Wednesday, the nation took a brief moment to thank the Lord that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, and thus would not be able to select his replacement for the Supreme Court.

The nation acknowledged that it didn’t deserve God’s blessings but thanked Him anyway for sparing them a Clinton presidency.

“Father God, we just want to thank You that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the presidency. We know, Lord, that Trump isn’t ideal either, but hoo boy. That was a close one,” one man said in a special emergency prayer and thanksgiving service held at his church in Kentucky. “You truly are wise and sovereign.”

Go here to read the rest.  I guess Hillary Clinton’s outreach to Christians which seemed to be non-existent, go here to read about it, might need a fine tuning for the Dems in 2020.   Their traditional implicit slogan of Hey you stupid Christers, vote for us, doesn’t seem to be working.


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  1. I’m hoping they, the Dems, shoot for a two-fer come 2020 with their Hillary. I’d like to see her
    trip over herself again. Strange thing is that the party of death is stupid enough to try it.
    “Stronger Together.. again.”
    Strong is an understatement. Reek is more accurate.

  2. Now – for this Fall and 2020-we need to get the word out: Mortal Sin = Vote Democrat. The bishopsdems are weeping and wailing and gnashing-Trump got more than 50% of the Catholic vote. The Dem/Bishop/RETA brown genocide [and black genocide] truth is getting out, and profamily prochildren Mexican-Americans are amazed that their wolves/hirelings have led them down this wipe-out-voting-strength path as they have lied from the pulpits, “”Not single issue voters,” “Seamless garment,” and Refugees love their families.” . Preists-perverts-predators-pedophiles, pederasts, prevaricators image is not helping the dembishops deliver 104% of the Catholic vote.

    But I learned long ago – you can never count the Clintons out – because they are evil incarnate. Imagine their storehouse of blackmail material on thousands. Not to mention the Clinton Body Count. So wait til 3 days after their official retirements to beleive they are out of it. Oh-then of course there is Princess Chelsea Hubbell. Guy McClung, Texas

  3. “But I learned long ago – you can never count the Clintons out – because they are evil incarnate.”

    Your right Guy.
    They have a crafty God they worship…but they will claim they are of Christ, mind and heart.


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