The Problem With Scotland

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– A Catholic priest and several parishioners were “subjected to vile abuse” on Saturday, as a march by a Protestant group went by a Catholic Church in Glasgow, Scotland.

Father Tom White was greeting people after the Saturday vigil Mass at St. Alphonsus Church in the city when the Orange parade approached.

The Orange Order is a Protestant fraternal order based primarily in Northern Ireland, but with a strong presence in Scotland. It organizes marches in July to commemorate the victory of the Dutch-born Protestant King William of Orange, who defeated the army of the deposed Catholic King James II to secure the thrones of England, Ireland and Scotland at the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland on July 1, 1690.

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  1. In addition to the 12 July “Orange Walk,” we have the Walks by the Apprentice Boys of Derry in August and December.

    Where I live, in Ayrshire, and throughout the West of Scotland, every town and most villages have an Orange Lodge.

    “King Billy” is hailed as the Protestant Hero, who “delivered us from wooden shoes and brass money.”

    At the Meeting of Estates in Edinburgh on 20 March 1689 to acknowledge the “abdication” of King James II and to offer the Crowen to William & Mary, a proclamation was issued that “no papist, nor any having commission from them, exercise any office or jurisdiction civil or military; and that the papists be disarmed over all the kingdom by the ordinary magistrates and officers of the militia, excepting gentlemen wearing swords.”

    They may have hated and feared “the Popish Faction,” but they were not willing to reduce gentlemen of blood and breeding to the status of “rude mechanicals” – Very Scottish!

  2. “Where I live, in Ayrshire…”

    The belly of the beast!

    Mayhap it is going to be a long hot summer hereabouts…

  3. Maister McClarey,

    MPS will likely recall this.

    If you can access it on youtube over your way, check out the BBC’s 1975 production of Peter McDougall’s “Just Another Saturday”. As the title makes plain, this was normality back in my childhood and teens. We used to collect horse manure and other unmentionable products in advance of the marching season!

    Trigger warning! No’ for those of a sensitive disposition.

  4. While I usually end up praising my Polish ancestry here (heavily restricted abortion, no gay marriage, no importing of Muslims) I have Scottish heritage myself. My great great grandfather George McLuckie left Scotland in 1866 for Allegheny County, Maryland. McLuckies live in the area to this day. McLuckies are a sept family of the grand and noble Clan Lamont whose worldwide leader is a Catholic priest in Australia.

    Scottish antipathy towards Catholics hundreds of years after Billy & Mary is something I see as ridiculous. Scots welcomed refugee Poles during World War II and the Scots HAD to know the Poles were/are Catholic.

    Let ’em march by MY parish and try that BS..

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