PopeWatch: Nelson Mandela Day

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Vatican News yesterday celebrated Nelson Mandela Day:


On 18 July we celebrate Nelson Mandela Day. The occasion was instituted by the United Nations to honour Mandela’s incredible witness and precious contribution to peace and freedom. 2018 also marks 100 years from Madiba’s birth.

Go here to read the rest.  No mention of course that Mandela was a fervent advocate of abortion on demand.  Go here to read about his record.  The people running the Church today are by and large ideological clones of the elites in the developed world.  Where they are in formal opposition to them, for example on abortion, they will occasionally pay lip service to the pro-life cause, but their actions speak otherwise.

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  1. Remember Jimmy Carter’s ‘The Elders’? Same sort of kultursmog.

    Mandela had some agreeable features (not possessed by his successors, btw). And some disagreeable features. By and large, the dominant element in South Africa’s political class occupies the spectrum running from ‘unimpressive’ to ‘ghastly’.

  2. Foxfier, only his supporters should be so “gifted”.

    BTW, I once saw a video of one victim. Terrible.

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